“I need him to stay alive!”: Samuel L. Jackson’s Outspoken Views Landed Actor in Life-Threatening Situation as His Wife Gets Wrecked With Nerves

Samuel L Jackson might be deliberately toning down his speech after facing backlash

“I need him to stay alive!”: Samuel L. Jackson’s Outspoken Views Landed Actor in Life-Threatening Situation as His Wife Gets Wrecked With Nerves


  • Samuel Jackson has always spoken his mind freely
  • He however has got into trouble for sharing his views on several occasions
  • Samuel Jackson has toned down his views due to the blowback he received for his opinions
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Samuel L. Jackson is a revolutionary. He identifies as one. He grew up as one, never shying away from giving people a piece of his mind. In the aftermath of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, he famously said that revolution would take more than just ‘sit-ins or peaceful coexistence’. The Captain Marvel star’s rebellious side is not gone, as he doesn’t hold back while giving his views on former POTUS Donald Trump. But as of late, he has taken his level a notch down. And it is because of his wife.


The same old Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson is a revolutionary at heart

Samuel L. Jackson’s propensity to speak about what he feels about scathing issues landed him in trouble all the way back in 1969. The FBI famously warned his mother that the Pulp Fiction star was not safe in Atlanta. The move from Atlanta was a blessing in disguise, as he developed a love for acting in the meantime.

Jackson might have come a long way professionally. But his habit of speaking up against the order hasn’t changed. He once famously called Donald Trump a “hemorrhoid”. Quite the compliment, isn’t it? This is just one of the many comments he has made. And his penchant has left his wife worried sick.


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A partner for all seasons

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson have been married for 40 years

LaTanya Richardson has been by Samuel L. Jackson’s side for the past 40 years. And she has been a partner in his acts ever since. The Django Unchained star once remarked, 

“We’ve been trying to be revolutionary ever since. We met in a revolutionary situation, and we get involved in revolutionary situations all the time.” (The Guardian)

Yet years of being a revolutionary have taken its toll on the 73-year-old. Times have changed since Martin Luther’s assassination. But what happened to George Floyd reminded us all that the vice of racism is far from gone. And LaTanya believes no one is really safe.


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LaTanya Richardson is afraid of the people “raising flags”

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
LaTanya Richardson feels Samuel L. Jackson should not get his hands dirty with Donald Trump

LaTanya Richardson once told The Guardian,

“When he fights with the orange man, I don’t think that that’s a fight worth having. Obviously he [Trump] is ill, and there is nothing that you’re going to be able to say that he’s even going to hear…”  (The Guardian)

That’s not who she is worried about though. She is afraid of the crazy people online who hold Trump’s flag high. She continued, 


“But his people hear it and they’re raising flags all the time. And Sam is … you know, you don’t travel with bodyguards. I need him to stay alive!”  (The Guardian)

Richardson doesn’t want her man to undergo exile, just like he did all the way back in 1969. No wonder he has had to tone down his tweets a little.

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