“I never felt like she liked me”: Anna Kendrick Gets Closure From Kristen Bell’s Husband, Reveals Wife Was Always Jealous of Her Since the Start

Anna Kendrick Gets Closure From Kristen Bell’s Husband, Reveals Wife Was Always Jealous of Her Since the Start
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Anna Kendrick has played some amazing roles and so has Kristen Bell. Both actresses have had their fair share of comedy roles that have contributed to bringing smiles to the audience’s faces. However, it would seem as if the former always believed that the latter disliked her no matter how hard she tried otherwise.

Anna Kendrick

This thought, much to her relief, recently got clarity when Kendrick met with Bell’s husband, Dax Shepard on his podcast Armchair Expert. During this interview, the actress got rather personal and emotional, explaining her painful past with her cheating husband and how it was difficult to get out of that relationship. Many other revelations had also taken place when Shepard exposed his wife for being jealous of Anna Kendrick.

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Anna Kendrick Believed Kristen Bell Wasn’t Fond Of Her

Anna Kendrick always thought that amongst the many actors and actresses that she had interacted with, Kristen Bell was someone who did not like her at all. It seemed more so as if the actress was even a bit intimidated by Bell and her charismatic personality.

Kristen Bell

“I never felt like she liked me. I do think that a massive percentage of that is just when it comes to really sweet angelic blonde girls, I just assume they think I’m weird, they think I’m this weird little troll.”

For Kendrick, it was as if Bell disliked her a lot and was not fond of her. The actress felt that The Good Place lead probably thought of her as a weird person who was not the best to interact with. There is also the case that the Pitch Perfect actress believed that every blonde girl who may be a little joyous and kind would automatically assume that she to not like her and think of Anna Kendrick as a weird and peculiar person.

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Kristen Bell Is Jealous Of Anna Kendrick

According to the podcast, Kristen Bell’s husband revealed to the actress that his wife was jealous of Anna Kendrick. He admitted that the only ever person that Bell has been jealous of is the actress.

Anna Kendrick and Kristen Bell

“She has only had jealousy over a single human, and it’s been you. She monitored you, recognized how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you, and slowly processed the whole thing.”

He gave clarity to the fact that it was not as if his wife disliked her, but more so her being intimidated by the actress. This, ironically enough, was something they both share.

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Source: Armchair Expert

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