“I never liked hitting someone”: Tom Cruise Reveals Traumatic Childhood of Being Bullied for Learning Disorder Before Becoming $600M Superstar

"I never liked hitting someone": Tom Cruise Reveals Traumatic Childhood of Being Bullied for Learning Disorder Before Becoming $600M Superstar

With fame and fortune comes a host of privileges and luxuries: financial security, the ability to travel anywhere, the adulation of countless fans, and significant influence within one’s industry. Tom Cruise, considered one of the last movie stars of his era, has experienced all of these benefits throughout his enduring career.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Paired with his genuine acting talent and enduring charm, even as he embraces his 60s, one could easily assume that Cruise leads a worry-free existence. According to the Hollywood Reporter, his status as a beloved international actor has granted him considerable control over the films he appears in. However, behind the scenes, every individual’s life carries its own complexities and challenges. Let’s take a look at Cruise.

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Tom Cruise Was Bullied As A Child

As told in his 2006 Parade interview, Tom Cruise faced the harsh reality of bullying during his younger years, with the potential for their attacks fueled by various aspects of his life. In his book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, Andrew Morton suggests that Cruise attended five schools in 12 years, although Cruise himself claims the number to be 15. Being frequently uprooted due to his family’s constant moving, Cruise experienced the challenge of repeatedly starting over as the new kid. 

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Furthermore, coming from a financially disadvantaged background, Cruise’s choice of attire made him an easy target for criticism. But his shorter stature did not dissuade him from standing up against the bullies who confronted him, showcasing his determination and resilience.

“I never liked hitting someone, but I know if I don’t hit that guy hard he’s going to pick on me all year,” Cruise recalled.

Cruise faced significant challenges in the academic realm as well, becoming a prime target for bullies due to his struggles with reading. From a young age, he struggled to comprehend written material, which led to his placement in remedial classes and drew additional attention from tormentors. Tom Cruise is the few Hollywood elites who suffer from Dyslexia.

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Tom Cruise Wanted To Be A Priest But Failed

It’s hard to discuss Tom Cruise without delving into the subject of the Church of Scientology, an organization he is deeply connected to, and which has generated considerable controversy. However, Cruise’s spiritual journey began in a different direction. Raised in a traditional Catholic family, he initially sought solace in Catholicism well into his college years. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

In fact, according to Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, Cruise even contemplated becoming a Franciscan priest. As part of this exploration, he enrolled in the St. Francis Seminary of Cincinnati, a decision driven by faith and financial circumstances. Cruise candidly explained that education was free, and his family didn’t have the financial means to support him at that time.

However, adhering to the discipline became difficult when he found himself surrounded by local girls, tempting his charismatic nature. Cruise later admitted that the allure of women was too strong for him to sacrifice for the Franciscan order. Both Cruise and the seminary have asserted that he left of his own accord, emphasizing his voluntary departure from the seminary.

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