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“I never really wanted to get married”: Dune Director David Lynch Regrets His 4 Disturbing Marriages That Left a Trail of Destruction for His Partners Because of His Many Affairs

Dune Director David Lynch Regrets His 4 Disturbing Marriages That Left a Trail of Destruction for His Partners Because of His Many Affairs

David Lynch is a highly respected director who has worked on quite a few projects throughout his career. Unfortunately one of his biggest projects, Dune saw a massive box office crash. As compared to Denis Villenevue’s project, Lynch’s was a massive failure. Throughout his run in Hollywood, he has done movies that have been both successful as well as failures. However, he was never taken a hit from them.

David Lynch
David Lynch

His history both professionally as well as personally has been rocky. Upon touching on that subject, the director had a lot to say. Although he was not as proud about talking about it, it was brave of him as he opened some old wounds he could not quite understand himself.

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David Lynch’s Lost Marriages

David Lynch has been previously married on four occasions. Emily Stofle, Mary Sweeney, Mary Fisk, and Peggy Lynch; he has had not one but four families. Unfortunately, none of his marriages worked out. For Lynch, he ended up choosing his career over his family at all times. This led him to become a more absent father as well as a bad husband.

David Lynch
David Lynch

“You gotta be selfish. And it’s a terrible thing. I never really wanted to get married, never really wanted to have children. One thing leads to another and there it is.”

The actor heavily regrets not having been more present in his personal life and even admits that it was a rather selfish decision. He admitted the harsh reality that despite being married four times, he never wanted to be married in the first place. He wanted no children nor did he want a family. His analogy for love had been quite unique as well. To him, love was like a fish with bait. The thrill he got from it drove him more and more attracted to his partners and that became something he loved to chase only to regret later.

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David Lynch Is Not Into Long Term Commitments

David Lynch was married to Mary Fisk for about a decade before his marriage ended because of an affair. His relationship with Isabella Rossellini also ended after four years. To which she was also surprised because of how easily he cut her off from his life.

David Lynch
David Lynch

“I did what I had to do. There could have been more work done. There are always so many interruptions.”

Although it would seem as if he regrets his life of one marriage after another, that is not the case. For him, his career had always been his first and foremost priority and relationships were only something secondary.

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