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“I really love Dwayne Johnson”: Michelle Rodriguez Betrayed Fast X Co-Star Vin Diesel, Congratulated His $760M Movie During Insane Diesel-Johnson Rivalry

"I really love Dwayne Johnson": Michelle Rodriguez Betrayed Fast X Co-Star Vin Diesel, Congratulated His $760M Movie During Insane Diesel-Johnson Rivalry

The re-introduction of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to the Fast and Furious franchise with Fast X grabbed a lot of attention given the heated history of Vin Diesel and Johnson. But turns out, Johnson did not faze the others on set despite the atmosphere of the set being a little tense, especially not Michelle Rodriguez. The actress also congratulated the star for scoring a spinoff on his character, subtly ditching Vin Diesel amidst the feud back in 2019.

Although his feud with the megastar Diesel was considered one of the main reasons for him leaving the franchise midway. But that also led him to go off on his own to star in a spin-off called Hobbs & Shaw therefore the departure has been very beneficial for the star.

The Rock The Rock

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Michelle Rodriguez on Dwayne Johnson’s new spin-off movie

Amidst the height of the beef between the two megastars Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, one more significant star of the Fast and the Furious franchise Michelle Rodriguez spoke out about the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. In 2019, the actress revealed to US Weekly, 

“I really love Jason Statham and I really love Dwayne. I think they’re frigging amazing,”

Vin Deisel and Michelle Rodriguez in a still from F9: The Fast Saga
Vin Deisel and Michelle Rodriguez in a still from F9: The Fast Saga

This statement revealed, that Rodriguez is team Johnson all the way. Although Rodriguez didn’t enter into the feud between her fellow actors, she has expressed her thoughts about the lack of female representation in the Fast & Furious franchise and went as far as to say she would leave if it wasn’t addressed. The latest installment of the series, not only prove to have improved on the lackings but also impacted the action film genre in a great way. She is now looking forward to all the exciting new ventures, her co-stars are set to embark on from the franchise.

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Michelle Rodriguez on Dwayne Johnson’s cameo

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Tonight, the Fast X star Rodriguez stated her views on the surprise cameo of The Rock returning as Luke Hobbs. She explained,

“They’re gonna be a little pissed at us,–But, you know, I mean, it’s due. It’s long overdue. It’s the beginning of the end, so we kinda gotta throw it all the wall and see what sticks.– Ahead of time, you might get a little pissed off at us. It just means there’s more.”

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez

Those who follow the franchise will remember that Johnson made it publicly known in 2021 that it was highly unlikely he would come back to the franchise after his disagreement with Diesel. The highly publicized reported friction between the actors on the Fast and Furious sets became public knowledge in 2016 when Johnson used Instagram to dub a few of his male co-stars “candy a**es” and “unprofessional”, leading fans to think it was a jibe at Diesel. Now that he is back, people speculate it is all water under the bridge. Only time will tell if the stars are still in a fight or not. Fast X is now out in theatres whereas, Hobbs and Shaw’s release date is yet to be announced.

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Source: US Weekly

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