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“I roll the windows down as a reminder”: The Rock Explains Why He Likes Greeting Fans, Convinced Oprah Winfrey That He’s Built Different

The Rock Explains Why He Likes Greeting Fans

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become the humblest person that you can meet on the streets of Hollywood (along with Keanu Reeves, of course!). Having stated that he comes from nothing, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t let his massive star status get in the way of fun.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Dwayne Johnson shared his reason for rolling down the windows whenever fans come to greet him. The incident works as a way for The Rock to remind himself how far he has come.

The Rock along with his fans.
The Rock along with his fans.

The Rock Always Greets Fans By Rolling Down His Windows

During his talk with Vanity Fair, the question and habit of The Rock rolling down his windows came into view. The Jumanji actor is always seen sitting in his car with windows rolled down and greeting his fans. When asked about this habit, here’s what The Rock said.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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“It’s one of the joys”

The talk later comes to the subject of other actors rolling their windows upward away from fans and fame. Dwayne Johnson had a fitting reply to this question as he gets reminded of who he is and where he came from.

“I think they’re missing out. It’s one of the best parts of fame, you know, to make people feel good. Oh, it’s the best. I do that all the time.There was a time when no one knew who I was, nor gave a shit. I roll the windows down as a reminder. What an incredible position to be in. You got a chance to make somebody’s day.”

Adding further sweetness to this pie, Oprah Winfrey commented on Dwayne Johnson’s behavior. Noting that most people have a “Do you see me?” attitude while The Rock has an “I see you” attitude.

“Most people have the ‘Do you see me?’ gene, but he truly has the ‘I see you’ gene. And I think the reason why he’s adored is because he is adoring of other people…. He really is what he appears to be. And people know that.”

Not to mention that Dwayne Johnson has proved multiple times that he listens to his fans and critics as Black Adam ensues a battle between the critics and audiences.

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The Rock Always Listens To His Fans

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam.

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Based on the talks that interviewers and the fans had with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it can be said that the Fast Five actor indeed listens to his fans. During the tumultuous time when Henry Cavill’s position as Superman in the DCEU was unfixed, the fans clamored for his return. It was none other than The Rock who heard the audiences’ cries and ensured Henry Cavill’s return in Black Adam.

The actor has also stated many times that everything will go right if one listens to their fans. Although Black Adam managed to perform underwhelmingly for the critics, the audiences have had strong support for the actor and his movie. Sitting at a score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes by the audience, the film managed to earn a whopping surplus of 140 million dollars globally.

Black Adam is currently running in theaters for the world to see.

Source: Vanity Fair

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