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“I said I had a family emergency”: Robert Pattinson Lied to Christopher Nolan to Audition For The Batman While Filming Tenet

Robert Pattinson Lied to Christopher Nolan to Audition For The Batman

Robert Pattinson is known most famously for playing the role of Edward Cullen, the extremely charming vampire from The Twilight Saga. His acting skills, along with his extremely good looks, are some of the reasons why he is renowned as an exceptional actor and a heartthrob among the ladies. Apart from the famous Twilight series, he has also been a part of some of the most recent blockbusters to have hit the box office, which includes Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight (2008)
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight

But what most of the audience might not know is that Pattinson is also a multi-tasker of sorts and this skill came in handy when he wanted to audition in one of the aforementioned films.

The actor revealed that during the filming process of Tenet, he had to find an excuse to get out of the set in order to be present at the auditions of The Batman, so he created an excuse so that director Christopher Nolan might not know what’s up.

Robert Pattinson Lied To Christopher Nolan To Audition For The Batman

Robert Pattinson is a dynamic actor who is known for owning the characters that he portrays in his films. Most famous for his performance as Edward Cullen in Twilight, he was seen as completely immersing himself in the role of a modern-day vampire. He is also known for films like Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Tenet, which is just as mind-bending as you would expect a film by the Interstellar creator to be. But sometimes, just being part of one blockbuster is not enough for some people, and Pattinson was just that person.

Robert Pattinson - The Batman
Robert Pattinson – The Batman

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In the script book of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the actor revealed that the shoot of Tenet and the auditions for Bruce Wayne/Batman were happening, and he was approached by the casting team to be a part of the audition. So Pattison had to be really creative in order to get by Nolan for the auditions, which was kind of hard as he would come to know later. He said:

‘I said I had a family emergency. And as soon as I said ‘it’s a family emergency’ he said: ‘You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?’’

He should’ve known better than trying to fool the director of so many inexplicable blockbusters with a silly excuse like that. Additionally, he was also the creator of one of the most successful Batman films in history, so he had to be armed with all the details about the upcoming film.

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What Is Next For Robert Pattinson?

The Batman DC
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

After the wonderful reception of The Batman by audiences and critics alike, DC Films will likely have a lot of incentive to create a sequel to the original film. James Gunn taking over management and promising that all that the studio has done previously will be kept in the DCU will also be an assurance that Pattinson will not be left hanging in a one-time act kind of a thing with the film. In fact, In a recent post, it was revealed that the sequel might already be in production, and we might see the actor embodying vengeance once again.

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The Batman now available on HBO Max.

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