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“I show you what I can do”: Jackie Chan Was Upset With a Hollywood Director, Made a $113 Thousand Hit Movie to Teach Him a Lesson

"I show you what I can do": Jackie Chan Was Upset With a Hollywood Director, Made a $113 Thousand Hit Movie to Teach Him a Lesson

From his early days in the Hong Kong film industry to becoming the undisputed king of action in Hollywood, Jackie Chan has created a legacy that can never be matched by other martial arts stars. The Bleeding Steel actor’s charm, wit, dedication to performing his own stunts, and exceptional martial arts skills have made him a global icon, and one of the most prolific actors of all time.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has an incredible acting resume, which includes some of the most iconic cinema moments and movies that have survived the test of time. He has found success in the industry with the Rush Hour franchise and other works that showed his dramatic range such as The Karate Kid and The Foreigner. However, there’s one film that is extremely close to the actor, as it was not only about making a blockbuster at the box office but proving his acting skills to a director.

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Jackie Chan Returns To Hong Kong To Make Police Story 1

When we hear the name of Jackie Chan, images of well-executed martial arts movies, and jaw-dropping action scenes come to our mind. The Rush Hour actor has been working in the film industry since 1962, and in his illustrious career, he has made over 150 films. The actor exemplifies the values of humility and integrity, as Forbes Magazine has called him the Philanthropist’s Hardest Working Man.

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After finding fame as the legendary martial arts star, the Kung Fu Panda actor gave his first public talk at the Sydney Opera House via the SOH Talks & Ideas Archive YouTube Channel. During the talk show’s Q&A session, the host mentioned that a plethora of questions had been asked by the audience and the internet, but he mentioned one question from a fan asking, “Which film that you have starred in was the most memorable?”

Jackie Chan at the Sydney Opera House
Jackie Chan at the Sydney Opera House

Without much thought, Jackie Chan answered, “Police Story 1.” He went on to explain that the film was the most memorable project of his career because he wanted to prove James Glickenhaus, the director of The Protector wrong as that film was meant to be his entry ticket into the American film industry. Chan mentioned during that time, he used to speak very poor English, and he didn’t know when was his turn to speak the dialogue. Glickenhaus used to mock him for that. He shared instances from the set of the 1985 film, and the difficulties he faced when he was a part of the project.

“Police Story 1. Police Story, because I wanted to prove that’s a director to make Protector. Did you see the movie Protector? And at that time, how can I becoming a New York cop? I speak very poor English, and a Mandarin-born Chinese, New York cop. Then, that comes into my acting. That come into my English, and even we stay, we speaking. I don’t know people, what they speak? When is my turn?”

“So the dialogue coach have to lay down under like this, touch my leg. First touch is smiling. No, welcome to New York. Cut! [imitates American accent] Welcome to New York. Welcome to New York. Very good, Jackie! You speak very good English. When I do the action, okay, okay. No. For me, I’m concentrating on the action. I’m not concentrating on English.”

A still from Police Story
A still from Police Story

Chan continued that he was frustrated at this point, and he decided to give up, but before he left he made sure to make the director would regret his words.


“So, I said– so this is why I just, ah, I give up. Then, before I left, I tell the director, ‘I show you what I can do. How can I becoming a policeman. Not New York policeman.’ So I go back to Hong Kong. I make Police Story. I want to show this director, I said, ‘That’s what I’m doing.'”

Jackie Chan showed Glickenhaus his true potential, as his Police Story 1 was immensely popular, earning $113.1 thousand at the box office. But the influence that the action comedy film left behind was massive, Chan’s incredible stunt work, martial arts moves, and physical comedy made the film series a classic, surviving the test of time.

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Jackie Chan Pays Tribute To Elvis Presley

The Accidental Spy actor found success in the industry as a martial arts actor and the guy who would perform his stunts. However, he has never failed to surprise the audience with his incredible talent. Following his appearance on The Ellen Show to promote his film, The Spy Next Door, Chan, yet again surprised the host and the audience of the show with his singing.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

The actor took the mic from Ellen DeGeneres, and started singing a rendition of Elvis Presley’s hit Can’t Help Falling in Love. The performance was a reminder to the fans of the singer of what would have been the artist’s 75th birthday. The lights dimmed, as he took the mic, and the studio prepared for the performance before he started singing.

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Police Story can be streamed on Max.

Source: SOH Talks & Ideas Archive YouTube Channel

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