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‘I spin down, get caught.. and I heard a fart’: Zendaya Exposed Hugh Jackman for Embarrassing Her, Claims Wolverine Actor Let One Rip Then Blamed It on Her

Zendaya Exposed Hugh Jackman for Embarrassing Her

Back in 2017, Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Zac Efron came together to deliver one of the greatest musicals of all time. The Greatest Showman was a masterpiece with catchy and meaningful songs; but as heavy as the film gets, the behind-the-scene wasn’t exactly serious.

Zendaya revealed in The Graham Norton Show that an actor farted in front of Hugh Jackman and the people started laughing with the blame landing on the Euphoria actress.

Zendaya in The Greatest Showman (2017).
Zendaya in The Greatest Showman (2017).

When Zendaya Got Blamed By Hugh Jackman For a Fart

During the shooting of the Zendaya starrer musical The Greatest Showman, the actors shared an awkward moment that quickly turned into a humorous situation due to the blame game that ensued. During one of her own stunts, Zendaya spun around and got caught in one of the ropes when she heard…a fart.

Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Hugh Jackman.
Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Hugh Jackman.

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Being a professional actor Zendaya maintained a cool and calm composure before the entire cast and crew of the movie started laughing. Zendaya laughed nervously and during one of her interviews on The Graham Norton Show, the actress once again tried to clarify that it wasn’t her. During the run of the interview, both the actors along with Zac Efron had an all-out debate regarding who farted.

Hugh Jackman played innocent in front of Zendaya but mouthed the words that it was indeed her to Graham Norton. The interview continued with Zendaya stating that if she would indeed be farting, it would be “silent but deadly”.

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Hugh Jackman Is Busy With Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

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Although The Greatest Showman was one of the best musicals of all time, there was no further development regarding the movie. Ever since the announcement of Hugh Jackman portraying the role of Wolverine once again in Deadpool 3, the audience has been in a frenzy.

Fans along with Ryan Reynolds had been waiting ecstatically for the news to confirm and the fans will be hit with some good news soon. A fan theory even connects Wolverine’s character into the MCU with a scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Zendaya became one of the youngest people to ever receive an Emmy while Zac Efron was recently seen in The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Meanwhile, the Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3 will hit theaters on 8th November 2024.

The Greatest Showman is available to stream on Disney+.

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