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“I stepped away from life, I did a lot of therapy”: Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Felt “Sad and Pi**ed Off About a Lot of Things” During Her Time Away From Limelight

“I stepped away from life, I did a lot of therapy”: Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Felt “Sad and Pi**ed Off About a Lot of Things” During Her Time Away From Limelight

Harry Potter may have given generations of fans a world that lies beyond the peripheries of human imagination, but it hasn’t been kind to the ones that brought the literature to life on the silver screen. For years, Emma Watson, the more outspoken personality among the cast, has claimed how the fame and exposure in a globally renowned franchise, veritably damaged any capacity to reclaim control over one’s life.

The fact has been then corroborated across interviews and pieces by other members of the Harry Potter cast. However, almost 2 decades later, Emma Watson feels confident in her ability to have come to terms with the identity of her self.

Emma Watson at the 2022 BAFTAs
Emma Watson at the 2022 BAFTAs

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Emma Watson Returns to Civilization on 33rd Birthday

After a considerable chunk of time from the entire planet’s civilization went missing due to the global pandemic, people wading through isolation and various stages of grief found themselves focusing on what’s important, rediscovering their passions, picking up new hobbies, and prioritizing the essential aspects of life. For Emma Watson, the pandemic was a time of healing and quiet contemplation.

Emma Watson in Prada Paradoxe commercial
Emma Watson in the Prada Paradoxe commercial

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Since her years with Harry Potter, the young actress has hardly stopped to take a break from her schedule, either in Hollywood or as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. After her numerous initiatives in fashion, rousing feminist speeches, activism, and films, the standstill gave Watson some time to step away from the ruckus and seek therapy. On her 33rd birthday on April 15, the actress marked her return to the world of social media with a post on her healing journey.

Emma Watson Speaks About Turning 33 and Therapy

Emma Watson directs the Prada Paradoxe film
Emma Watson directs the Prada Paradoxe commercial film

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In a slew of posts on Instagram on April 15, Watson opened up about her life in the recent past, her first directorial job with Prada Paradoxe, and her life in the quiet annals of 2022. Watson spoke about her Saturn Return – about discovering herself and her identity, picking up on new things (surfing, horse-riding), and doing therapy which she accentuated further with “YESS 💪😍 therapy!” Watson claimed,

“I felt really sad and really pissed off about a lot of things. I learned more about love and being a woman.”


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In recent years, Watson has begun to retrace her steps and find comfort in routine and daily practice. The actress has opened up about suffering losses and starting a new women’s environmental investment fund. Her journey through the COVID era has been pivotal in rediscovering her place in the world and reorienting her goals in the coming years. As people celebrate the actress reclaiming her identity, one can only wait in anticipation to find what else Emma Watson has in store for her fans.

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