“I still feel people don’t know my name”: Top Gun: Maverick Star Glen Powell Feels He’s Still Not Famous Despite Movie Earning $1.48B, Might Need to Star in Comic-Book Movies After Green Lantern Fancasting

"I still feel people don't know my name": Top Gun: Maverick Star Glen Powell Feels He's Still Not Famous Despite Movie Earning $1.48B, Might Need to Star in Comic-Book Movies After Green Lantern Fancasting
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Top Gun: Maverick brought in $1.486 billion and became the highest-grossing movie of 2022. There is a chance that it may continue to hold this title if Avatar: The Way of Water doesn’t work out well enough. But anyway, you’d imagine that everyone involved with Maverick would be reaping the benefits of its massive success. And yet, there’s Glen Powell who still doesn’t feel that he is famous enough for people to remember his name. Well, he’ll probably have to star in a big-budget superhero movie like Green Lantern to become a household name.


Glen Powell is More Than Just “Hangman”

Glen Powell appears as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick

Powell recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his upcoming war movie, Devotion. But when asked about how he felt about being in a Billion-dollar blockbuster, he replied that it completely changed his life. And yet, people still don’t really know him by name as they just remember him as his valiant pilot from Maverick, Hangman.

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Here, watch the interview right here if you haven’t:

Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin was a pretty cool character and Powell played the role in the best way possible. But even he would agree that he will have to star in at least 2 or 3 more great movies to become a household name. He is the co-lead alongside Jonathan Majors in Sony’s upcoming war movie Devotion. So, if that movie finds success (which it should), then he’d surely begin to get a lot more offers.


Glen Powell as the Next Green Lantern Maybe?

Glen Powell as Green Lantern

A couple of months ago, the Home of DCEU Twitter account reported the rumor about another Green Lantern movie being under development with Top Gun: Maverick director, Joseph Kosinski helming the project.

As you can see, the rumor suggests that director Kosinski will reunite with the Maverick cast member, Glen Powell, as he is in contention to become the next Hal Jordan. This rumored casting choice was actually supported by a lot of fans over social media, as many agreed that Powell would make a great Green Lantern.


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John Stewart will be the focus of the upcoming Green Lantern web series.

The upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series featuring the Green Lantern Corps. was reportedly canceled, and a new idea was picked with John Stewart being the only leading man of the series. So along with that, we could certainly get a Green Lantern movie with Hal Jordan being the main man. The series and the movie could crossover with each other, and yes, Glen Powell should be Hal Jordan for sure. That would definitely make him an A-lister.

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Looking at the cast of Devotion, even Jonathan Majors would work perfectly as John Stewart, and he could once again team up with Glen Powell’s Hal Jordan in the future. But he is already Kang, so we may not get this dream casting. But hey James Gunn, at least make the Hal Jordan casting happen! It’s about time we got a good Green Lantern movie, don’t you think?

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