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“I swallowed all the worms”: Jennifer Lawrence’s Friends Feared ‘The Hunger Games’ Star Would Die After She Got Out of Control in a Vacation

Jennifer Lawrence's Friends Feared 'The Hunger Games' Star Would Die After She Got Out of Control in a Vacation

Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress, but what fans love about her the most is her goofy personality. She often honestly shares her strange tales with her fans on talk shows and doesn’t hold back from sharing even the most embarrassing details in the stories. Her honesty makes her one of the most adored stars as she helps her fans see that celebrities too are just humans, with embarrassing drunk stories.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

For The Hunger Games actress, sharing embarrassing stories isn’t new. She has even managed to embarrass herself in public events, including the time she slipped on the stairs at the Academy Awards while heading up to the stage to receive the trophy. Also, she has often talked at length about her alter-ego ‘Gail’ that comes out when she drinks rum.

Jennifer Lawrence’s drunk alter-ego Gail scared her friends

Jennifer Lawrence, on her appearance at The Ellen Show, talked about her alter-ego Gail, and how she managed to scare her friends so much that they feared she might die. The show’s host asked the actress about her being on vacation after her film, Red Sparrow had premiered. To which the actress agreed. Enquiring further on the same, the host asked about Gail and who named her.

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The actress shared that she turns into Gail whenever she drinks too much rum.

“I didn’t. She almost named herself. I think my girlfriends probably named her Gail—probably by the way I look. And it’s a very specific drunk [look], too. It’s not just like every time I’m drunk I turn into this.” 

Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres
Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres

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Further defining the personality of Gail, she added,

“I think she’s some sort of like tortoise gambler, or something. I don’t always turn into this masculine alter-ego that jumps into shark-ridden waters just to make my friends laugh.” 

When the talk show host showed her an image of Gail, the actress recalled an incident on the vacation on which that specific photo was taken. She revealed that after the photo was clicked, she and her friends went conch diving, where she ate worms and dove into “shark-infested” water. The Oscar-winning actress shared,

“I’ll just give you like five seconds of Gail. So, from there (pointing at her image displayed on the screen) we went conch diving. You pull out a conch and the guy driving our boat goes ‘look, they all have little worms.’ I took it out of his hand and swallowed it and then pulled the worms out of all the conchs and swallowed all the worms. And some of my friends are, kind of laughing. But they are like ‘Hello?’ And then we pull up, and he’s like, ‘and this is where the fishermen clean all the fish out. You know so there’s all these sharks here.’ And I was like ‘Sack!’ and just jumped in. Everybody is like ‘Somebody get her water and coffee.She is gonna die.'”

She even went on to call Gail an adrenaline junkie, who is quite the opposite of her closed-off and cautious personality.

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Jennifer Lawrence explains her Red Carpet photos at the Red Sparrow premiere

In the same interview, Ellen DeGeneres asked the actress about her somewhat scary-looking red carpet photos at the premiere of her then-new movie, Red Sparrow. As it turns out, it was another drunk story. She explained that she was only trying to look sober in her photos. Upon being asked if it was Gail, she stated, “No it was someone else, I just met her the other night.”

Jennifer Lawrence drunk on Red Sparrow red carpet
Jennifer Lawrence drunk on Red Sparrow red carpet

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She further explained,

“So what happened was I did Andy Cohen, I was drinking a lot of wine. And then I went to Colbert and tried to sober up. I was like drinking coffee, and was like, ‘Uh ho, I got too drunk with the housewives’ which I’ve always dreamt of saying. And then he pulls out shots of rum in the middle of the show and I have to get to the premiere. And I am hammered.”

Lawrence also joked about how her attempt at not looking drunk made her look like she had been electrocuted. It made the audience burst out laughing.

Red Sparrow is streaming on Disney+.

Source: The Ellen Show

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