‘I tend to hate and lash out at Hugh’: Ryan Reynolds Explained Legendary Hugh Jackman Rivalry, Says Wolverine Star is So Nice He ‘Makes kindness look like murder’

Ryan Reynolds Explained Legendary Hugh Jackman Rivalry
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Fake rivalries between actors and celebrities are just the funniest to witness. There’s Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland who keep pulling each other’s legs. Then there’s Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon’s rivalry that has been going on for ages. But the biggest and most precious of them all is the one involving Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. It just keeps on giving, and Ryan Reynolds has his own interpretation of how and why their rivalry exists.


Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Rivalry

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are best friends in real-life.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s characters are all set to appear in Deadpool 3

These two beloved actors have been friends and rivals ever since they teamed up for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That movie obviously butchered Wade Wilson, but ever since Deadpool got his own solo movie, Reynolds has been trying to get Jackman to do one more Marvel film with him. And Jackman had been denying it until Deadpool made his way into the MCU. Amidst all this drama, the two actors have also been continuing their legendary banter.

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Hugh Jackman FandomWire
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s rivalry is so famous that they’ve also used it to market each other’s businesses (Aviation Gin and The Laughing Man coffee). And recently, they continued with it while announcing their reunion in Deadpool 3. It is safe to say that we’ll get to see much more of it in the coming years (at least until Secret Wars for sure!).

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How It All Began

Hugh Jackman FandomWire
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Rivalry

But when Reynolds appeared on the SmartLess podcast recently, he spoke to hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett (via CinemaBlend). And during their conversation, the matter of Reynolds and Jackman’s rivalry was brought up. Bateman asked how their constant verbal quarrel began and the Free Guy actor replied:


“You know Hugh Jackman is…I really shouldn’t say this, but he… he makes kindness look like murder. I mean he really is just the nicest guy you’d ever meet. And it drives me nuts sometimes… He really is the real deal.

I wanna understand that to some degree, so we sometimes hate and lash out at the things we cannot understand. So I tend to hate and lash out at Hugh, and he reciprocates of course because he’s nothing if not a sportsman. And that’s kind of it. But in reality, he’s like my life sherpa. He’s one of the best guys I know.”

Jackman and Reynolds’ banter is so fun to watch that we wish for it to continue forever. And it’s quite surprising that they keep finding new and innovative ways to get back at each other.

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Deadpool 3 is set to release on November 8, 2024, and it’ll be interesting to see all the hilarious ways their banter continues. You can expect to see so much verbal abuse before these two start throwing punches on the big screen.


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