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“I think it was more human”: Black Panther 2 Star Tenoch Huerta is Disgusted With Fans Shipping His Namor With Letitia Wright’s Shuri

Black Panther 2 Star Tenoch Huerta is Disgusted With Fans Shipping His Namor With Letitia Wright’s Shuri

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever became a massive hit ever since its release, giving the debut of Tenoch Huerta as Namor as well as Shuri learning through a path of grief and becoming the next Black Panther. The movie explored beautifully in terms of visuals, music, and most importantly character growth and development.

Tenoch Huerta
Tenoch Huerta as Namor

This further evolved into the in-depth expansion of relationships between characters, whether it be between Ramonda and Shuri or the stands of two different powerful women that the fans saw with Okoye and Queen Ramonda. Another such relationship was that of Shuri and Namor, however, it looks as if fans might be reading into it more than necessary.

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Namor And Shuri Sprout A Friendship

During the scene when Shuri is with the Talokanians and Namor, the King shows the princess around his kingdom for a while, to take in the beauty and simplicity of a land much like hers. To this extent, the two even warm up to each other, seeing the other as more than just an enemy. This led them to be able to talk about the futures of their kingdoms and how they could come to a settlement to not bring war and death that would be inevitable afterward.

Letitia Wright as Shuri wearing traditional Talokanian clothes

The dynamics these two characters had were what one might refer to as an onion-esque relationship, with layers beyond layers of knowledge and understanding buried beneath the exterior that the two had to keep for their people. Even though Tenoch Huerta‘s Namor is the main antagonist of the movie, it is truly difficult to hate him or see him with a black-and-white outlook. This too is something Shuri sees. Letitia Wright‘s character understands and connects with him regardless of what his moral ground may have been. This, although, was a sign for the fans to spot more than a friendship between the two.

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Tenoch Huerta Does Not Support The Idea Of Shuri And Namor Getting Together Romantically

Shuri as Black Panther

In an interview with Rolling Stones Magazine, Tenoch Huerta cleared out that there had been no romantic chemistry between Shuri and Namor, stating that the bond that had been created was made with the mind of both of their human roots. The connection, as intimate as it was, had no romantic intentions of any kind involved.

“I mean in the history of their kingdoms, the history of their people, they share the same root, and the threat comes from the same place for both of them, for the same reason. They both face threats from Western countries like the United States and France in the story, because of vibranium, natural resources. I think they connect in that aspect.”

Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

He further said that there would always be people with whom one would connect extremely deeply, but have no romantic intimacy between them. Regardless of gender or sexuality, there can always be bonds that go beyond the reaches of romance. He even added that he had no idea whether or not this would be turned into a romantic relationship, all he was sure of, was that it has indeed been magical.

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Source: Rolling Stones Magazine

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