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I think James has been very generous’: Sylvester Stallone Confirms King Shark Will Return in Future DCU Project, Fuels Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Rumors

Sylvester Stallone Confirms King Shark Will Return in Future DCU Project

James Gunn introduced a bunch of new characters to the DCU with his take on The Suicide Squad. While most of them perished, some survived and are ready to return in future DC projects. Peacemaker has already got his personal space on HBO Max and he will continue to rock in the future as well. But what about the likes of Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher 2, and most importantly, King Shark? When will they be returning? Is he even going to be back or will it be another Killer Croc-like scenario? Well, Sylvester Stallone has left us with a promising statement.

Sylvester Stallone Wants To Voice King Shark Again

King Shark Sylvester stallone
King Shark Sylvester Stallone

King Shark was certainly the most adorable and deadly character to come out of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Gunn is an expert at making us care about his humanoid CGI animals and plants and Nanaue was a great product of that. And bringing Sly Stallone to voice him was another great decision as the comedic element of the character was totally enhanced with him. Now, Stallone has confirmed that he wants to return for more.

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In an interview with, here’s what the Rambo actor had to say when asked about returning as King Shark:

“Yes, for sure. I think James has been very generous… He and I are pretty tight. So if there’s an opportunity… I love him, he’s great.”

Well, we’d love to see more of him as well. And now that James Gunn is in charge of DC’s future projects, we can be sure that one of his greatest creations will definitely be back for more.

Where King Shark Could Return

King Shark Ratcatcher
King Shark and Ratcatcher 2

But what’s the status of Nanaue right now? He was able to escape the clutches of Amanda Waller back in The Suicide Squad. And Peacemaker season 1’s ending also cast doubts about a Suicide Squad 3. So where will King Shark return next? He formed a new friendship with Ratcatcher 2, so maybe those two could be back for some new adventures in an HBO Max series as the Rocket and Groot of DC.

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It’s also worth noting that Black Adam showed us Amanda Waller’s massive deep-sea prison. So, she could revive the Suicide Squad or sanction a new team like Checkmate any time she wants to. And someone like Nanaue aka King Shark could return in that project as Waller may have caught him once more and locked him up in one of those prison cells in her underwater prison.

King Shark Aquaman
King Shark Aquaman

But the most ideal place for King Shark to return would be in a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event where he takes on Aquaman. It’s obvious that Arthur would manage to take him down with ease, but the prospect of their battle does sound quite interesting. Maybe we’d get a King Shark surprise in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Don’t count that idea just yet!

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