“I think they have to keep renewing”: Disappointing News for James Bond Fans as Daniel Craig’s Co-Star Hints He Won’t Return That Might Erase Ralph Fiennes’ Strange Demand

Disappointing News for James Bond Fans as Daniel Craig’s Co-Star Hints He Won’t Return That Might Erase Ralph Fiennes’ Strange Demand
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Benjamin John “Ben” Whishaw is best known for performing as the lead character in PERFUME: The Story of a Murderer and is proclaimed as one of the best actors of his generation. But there is one more character for which he’s mostly praised. Guess which? It’s his character as gadget-master Q in the James Bond franchise since 2012’s Skyfall

Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw

Q first appeared in the Bond series in 1963’s From Russia with Love, with Desmond Llewelyn taking over the role from Peter Burton’s Major Boothroyd. Q has since appeared in 22 out of the 25 official James Bond films. And Whishaw is the third actor to get the title (after Desmond Llewelyn and comedian John Cleese) – whose return is also now unpredictable. 

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Ben Whishaw’s Future in the Upcoming James Bond Movie is Unpredictable

Ben Whishaw in James Bond
Ben Whishaw in James Bond

Ben Whishaw has an honest answer whether he’ll return in the next James Bond entry. The actor made his franchise debut as the MI-6 Quartermaster in 2012’s Skyfall

In an interview with Radio Times, Whishaw was asked about the franchise’s future after Daniel Craig’s departure in the last film, No Time to Die.

He suggested that there’s a necessity for the series to reinvent itself to keep going. He also revealed that he was only contracted for just three films, which hints that his own return to the franchise is far-fetched. He went on saying:


“I was only contracted to do three films, and they’re done. How many films have they made – 25 or something? I think they have to keep renewing it if they want to keep going!”

It is saddening to hear his comments, which indicate that he will not return for future Bond films.

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Will There Be A Reboot of the James Bond Movie Soon? 

Although Ben Whishaw has cast doubt upon his return to the James Bond franchise, saying he is still doubtful if he will ever be cast as Q again. Released in 2021, No Time to Die was Daniel Craig’s final Bond outing, but the rest of the cast has not been revealed whether they will return.


Yet another Ralph Fiennes (played the role of M) shows eagerness to be in the post No Time to Die. He said:

“If anyone from Eon Films is listening, I’m very keen to continue training the new Bond. I love playing M, and I love being part of that franchise. But who knows? Things have to change. But I love working with Daniel. He’s a terrific Bond. I will treasure that experience.”

Ralph Fiennes in
Ralph Fiennes in Spectre

Whishaw told the BBC in a new interview:

“I have absolutely no idea. I know nothing. They are incredibly tight-lipped about everything really. I have a suspicion I won’t be coming back.”

When he was asked whether there could be a reboot of the 1960s set, the Cloud Atlas said:


“Could be, couldn’t it? I mean, I think there’s so many options for them. And I am not privy to any of the discussion at all. So we’ll see.”

Though Whishaw is unsure about the movie, Bond 26, like Casino Royale, is expected to be a reboot for the entire franchise. Barbara Broccoli (long-running producer on the franchise) said she doesn’t hope the filming of the next movie until 2024, so let’s not expect Bond 26 until 2025/2026.

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