“I think you’re too thin-skinned”: Hugh Jackman’s Dad Thought He Can’t Be an Actor Before His Movies Made a Combined $6.7B at Box Office

Hugh Jackman's Dad Thought He Can't Be an Actor Before His Movies Made a Combined $6.7B at Box Office

Hugh Jackman is one of the most inspiring and talked about actors in Hollywood who has worked across all genres of movies. He has established himself as a top-notch star. Jackman is a cinematic genius whose unique acting approach often leaves the audience starstruck, wanting to see more of him on the silver screen. 

The actor had his fair share of ups and downs at the beginning of his career in showbiz, but he constantly worked hard, ascended to the top, and became one of the highest-paid stars in the industry.

However, the 54-year-old actor once revealed that his late father, Christopher John Jackman, thought he was too sensitive to be an actor. Jackman previously shared during an interview that when he informed his father that he had decided to go to acting school, his father suggested he was “too thin-skinned” to be a star.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Why His Father Thought He Was Too Sensitive To Be an Actor

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is one of the most successful actors in the film industry who found his love for acting. Jackman is best known for portraying the role of Wolverine in the highly acclaimed superhero film series X-Men. His powerful depiction and role propelled him to superstardom and helped launch his career in the industry. 

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While today he is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars whose movies often grossed millions, even billions of dollars at the box office, he once revealed how his late father, Christopher John Jackman, was initially unsure about him becoming a star.

Hugh Jackman with his late father, Christopher John Jackman
Hugh Jackman with his late father, Christopher John Jackman

In a candid interview with The Guardian, the 54-year-old actor recalled that he fell in love with theater when he used to visit his mother in England. He later decided to attend acting school and planned to pay for it with an inheritance from his grandmother. He recalled his father’s reaction to his decision to attend the acting school, saying,


“He said: ‘I couldn’t think of a better way for you to use it, but I have some concerns.’ And I said: ‘You don’t think I’m good enough?’ And he said: ‘I think you’re good enough, but I think you’re too thin-skinned!’”

The Greatest Showman star continued,

“He’s right: I am thin-skinned. But it’s also a strength as an actor. Thin-skinned is sensitivity, which is something you need. And so I’m still learning to cope with it.”

Hugh Jackman was determined and passionate about acting. Although his father was concerned about him pursuing a career in acting, he constantly worked hard, making him proud by becoming one of the most in-demand stars who has legions of fans worldwide.

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Hugh Jackman Reveals His Late Father Taught Him Great Values

Hugh Jackman from the movie Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

During his conversation with The Guardian, Hugh Jackman revealed how his father, Christopher John Jackman, raised him and taught him great values, saying, 

“My mother left when I was eight, so my father raised us. He taught me really great values. He was never really interested in things like fame and money. He was always encouraging about education, and treating people well, and keeping your word. He saw everything I ever did. He never said a bad word about anything. A lot of who I am today is because of him.”

Hugh Jackman credits his father for his successful career. Jackman is perhaps the most stunning star of his generation who has starred in iconic movies like The Wolverine, Real Steel, The Prestige, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Source: The Guardian 

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