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“I understand that some people are mad”: The Last of Us Star Melanie Lynskey Blasts Trolls Claiming She’s Too Pretty To Play Kathleen

"I understand that some people are mad": The Last of Us Star Melanie Lynskey Blasts Trolls Claiming She's Too Pretty To Play Kathleen

The video game-inspired series, The Last of Us is moving onwards and upwards, breaking records with every episode. Following the lives of Ellie and Joel, played by Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, The Last of Us is a show that keeps us hooked from start to end.

Melanie Lynskey
Melanie Lynskey

The most recent episode, fourth, saw the debut of yet another character that has it out for Joel and Ellie – Kathleen. The character is played by actress Melanie Lynskey and while she has received overall positive feedback for her role, some didn’t seem to agree with the casting choice. We are talking about model Adrianne Curry who took to Twitter to state that Melanie Lynskey did not have the body type required for Kathleen’s character. The actress then clapped back at the model.

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Melanie Lynskey Defends her The Last of Us Role

Adrianne Curry
Adrianne Curry

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Replying to a tweet showing Melanie Lynskey’s shoot with InStyle magazine, the winner of America’s Next Top Model season one, Adrianne Curry, stated that Lynskey’s body type did not match that of a warlord. Curry gave her opinion on the casting that Lynskey’s body type said “life of luxury” instead of one that would typically be seen in a post-apocalyptic world.

Lynskey replied to the tweet making it clear that she didn’t have to adhere to the stereotypical idea of what someone should look like. Her character is supposed to be smart as she planned an overthrow of FEDRA, she did not have to look muscly.

Even after the reply from the actress, Curry wasn’t ready to give up the debate as she put her point as a “nerd” forward. In a good amount of tweets, Curry clarified that she was talking about the character, Kathleen, and was in no way attacking Lynskey’s body. She added that she was “allowed to critique nerd stuff” and was entitled to not like a casting. Curry also tweeted that she had also talked about Lynskey being too soft-spoken and short for a warlord and that in her opinion, it’s hard to see those characteristics for a warlord amongst warrior men.

Curry also stated, “curvaceous babes aren’t a thing in post apocalyptic scenarios. People are working hard and starving.” Needless to say, the model found herself on the receiving end of backlash as fans blamed her for body-shaming the actress. She then doubled down on her initial opinion stating that can’t actors allow people to not like the characters they have played.

Since The Last of Us has been the talk of the town ever since its release, it was pretty obvious that Curry’s opinion would turn into a controversy. Despite the model clarifying again and again that she was talking about a made-up character, fans of the show haven’t stopped coming after her just yet.

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Melanie Lynskey Talks about her Casting

Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us
Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us

In a separate Twitter thread, Lynskey stated that the thing that excited her about playing Kathleen, except for her admiration for Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, was that she was changing mindsets. She stated that her casting would open a door in the future where the person with the best ideas would become the leader, instead of physically tough people.

She then talked about how women in leadership positions were unnecessarily critiqued for baseless reasons such as having a shrill or quiet voice, she cares/doesn’t care about her looks, she is too angry or she’s not angry enough. Lynskey was excited to play a character who “got sh*t done” and wanted her to be feminine in order to break stereotypes. She thanked the showrunners for letting her be a part of “THE MOST AMAZING SHOW.” Check out the entire thread below.

So, despite what Curry or anyone has to say about the casting, Lynskey couldn’t be more proud of herself. She’s grateful to be able to play Kathleen and break the preconceived notions surrounding those in power.

The Last of Us is available on HBO Max and the fifth episode will drop on February 10.

Source: Twitter | Melanie Lynskey

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