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“I used the anime as the reference”: Iñaki Godoy Made Sure to Replicate One Thing From ‘One Piece’ Anime For Luffy’s ‘Gum-Gum Pistol’ Punch in Netflix’s Live Action

Iñaki Godoy Made Sure to Replicate One Thing From ‘One Piece’ Anime For Luffy’s ‘Gum-Gum Pistol’ Punch in Netflix’s Live Action

Iñaki Godoy was the best actor in playing the role of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Live Action. He was earnest and dedicated, which could be seen reflected in his work. The young actor was recently interviewed by Teen Vogue, where he shared details regarding his role as the protagonist.

One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix
One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix

There were a handful of scenes that Godoy found difficult, so he decided to go with the flow for those instances. However, he talked about a few aspects of the show in very detail, like the starting scene in Episode One after Luffy and Koby jump out of Alvida’s ship and how some fight scenes were physically demanding, which he had to intricately replicate by taking references from the anime.

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What did Iñaki Godoy remember while replicating ‘Gum-Gum Pistol’ Punch in Netflix’s One Piece?

A screenshot from the One Piece Live Action
The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

“It was a challenge how that would work. I use the anime as a reference for how the rubber buddy reacts.” Godoy started talking about the physical aspects of some scenes while shooting. He told Teen Vogue that he would study Luffy’s fights before implementing anything in the live-action, “I would see Luffy’s fight scenes the way he stretches, and in the live-action, I would try to replicate as much of that as I could.”

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“In the manga, in the anime, when Luffy throws out a punch, and then it snaps back, he always puts his hand right here. That’s like a thing that he does.” He told Teen Vogue while showing them the shoulder movement, which Luffy does while retracting his punch.

“So that’s a thing that I can literally translate into live action with no problem, so I can keep that.”

Godoy really put his mind into some physically intense scenes, which were actually easier compared to the Gum-Gum Pistol Punch. His outstanding dedication and replication of Luffy’s sensitivity and sense of adventure prove why Iñaki Godoy was the best actor for the role of Luffy in Netflix’s One Piece.


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What was Iñaki Godoy’s perception of Luffy’s character in One Piece?

Luffy in Gear 5 from One Piece
Luffy in Gear 5 from One Piece

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“I think for me, the hardest thing to film… I had this one scene with Koby in a dinghy, where we’re talking about dreams and that he wants to be a Marine,” Godoy stated. 


“That scene particularly, it was one of my first scenes that I filmed.” Godoy told Teen Vogue as he dived deeper into the protagonist’s values, which contributed to setting the tone for the character. That scene between Luffy and Koby was quite intense as their ambitions were opposite to each other’s.

“It was a very important scene because Luffy’s all about dreams. So I knew I had to get this scene right,” Godoy also expressed to Teen Vogue regarding the scene where Luffy defines his motivations.

“This is what the character is all about. And there are a lot of things that I did in that scene at the beginning that I changed. I did rehearsals for that scene with my director, and I think it worked out pretty well. But it definitely was a process, getting to that point of, oh, like, there’s this side of Luffy that… he is very kind and nice. He’s not just a ball of energy. He’s a ball of energy who listens.”

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