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“I wanna do a rom-com”: Evan Peters Reveals He’s Looking For Normal Roles After Excruciating Jeffrey Dahmer Role That Took a Toll On Him

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Evan Peters has been stuck in one genre (or expansions of it) for quite a long period of time. Let’s take a look at his acting career in his most prominent roles- his breakthrough role came in the first season of American Horror Story as Tate Langdon, followed by a role in the crime drama Mare of Easttown, and so on.

Now comes his rise to stardom with his portrayal of the notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Most of the roles that Peters has taken on have one thing in similar- they’re all too serious in tone. Maybe it’s time for a change in roles for the actor, and a rom-com might just suit him, says the actor.

Evan Peters FandomWire
Evan Peters in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

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Evan Peters Wants A Change After Jeffrey Dahmer Role

Playing a serial killer, let alone a sociopath that existed in real life must’ve taken quite a toll on Evan Peters. Regardless, his performance in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was a once-in-a-lifetime performance, with critics and fans applauding the effort he put into getting into character.

Evan Peters FandomWire
Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters

While the trending TV series has problems of its own- such as not even consulting family members of Dahmer’s victims before documenting the murders- it’s no doubt that everyone involved in the series has been put into the spotlight for everyone to see.

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Evan Peters isn’t new to the acting scene, however, his work in the Dahmer series will definitely open up new opportunities for the 35-year-old actor, and he seems willing.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, revealed during a Q&A session for the TV series that the Quicksilver actor is looking to star in projects that feature less intensive roles-

“Evan and I had worked together on Horror Story for many many many years, and then we took a break and he went off to do Mare of Easttown for which he won the Emmy Award, and… he kept saying to me, “I really wanna play somebody normal… I wanna do a rom-com.”

It’s been a year since Mare of Easttown concluded back in May last year, so it’s quite evident that Peters agreed to do the serial killer role regardless of his wish to work in a less intensive role. Maybe Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was his last straw?

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Evan Peters In A Rom-Com? Fans Will Die For It

Evan Peters in a rom-com would be the freshest of changes for the 35-year-old actor after all those years playing slightly edgy characters (Jeffrey Dahmer takes it up a whole notch further).

Evan Peters FandomWire
Evan Peters

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Peters has been launched into popularity for his work in the Dahmer TV series, and it’s only gone on to get him closer to his wish for a much more lighthearted role.

The recent revelation that Peters is willing and wanting to do a rom-com has made the ears of fans of the American Horror Story star stand up in excitement, and they’re all pushing for it to become a reality-

Casting calls aren’t open yet-

The missing piece is real! –

Notify Netflix if they want more dough-

Easy there-

Sometimes all that an actor needs to progress in their career is a fresh change of scenery. What do you think of Peters looking to star in a rom-com?

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