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“I want her”: Jennifer Lawrence And Brie Larson Were Not That Close To Stealing Kristen Stewart’s Role In Twilight

"I want her": Jennifer Lawrence And Brie Larson Were Not That Close To Stealing Kristen Stewart's Role In Twilight


  • Kristen Stewart proved to be the perfect fit for the role of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga.
  • Director Catherine Hardwicke had already chosen Stewart for the part from the start, based on her stellar performance in her 2007 film "Into The Wild."
  • Other actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson were also considered for the lead role, but were not cast due to the director's fixation on Stewart as the leading lady.

It’s safe to say that the cast of a movie, although should not necessarily have big-name stars, should have actors that can bring the passion to the role that the filmmaker is looking for. When choosing an actress who could bring the character of Bella Swan from the Twilight novels to life, Kristen Stewart proved she was the perfect fit for the job.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

It’s almost impossible to think of someone other than the actress to take the role of Swan and play it to such perfection today. But we still have to remember that the casting process needs to be passed by a star to get their job, and when came to the role of Swan, Stewart had tough competition from Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence. At least, that’s what people believe, because director Catherine Hardwicke had already chosen her for the role from the start.

Kristen Stewart Was Always The First Choice For The Role Of Bella Swan In The Twilight Saga

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a still from Twilight
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a still from Twilight

The stars have their ways of making their efforts in films look easy through their performances, but what people don’t realize is that to even get that role, they have to compete with several equally talented pools of candidates. Kristen Stewart was the same in her role as Bella Swan in the iconic Twilight franchise.

Thankfully for the actress, director Catherine Hardwicke couldn’t help but only picture her for that role, even when there were other suitable actresses for her to choose from.

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Talking with Josh Horowitz in the latest episode of his Happy Sad Confused podcast, the original Twilight director talked about her film that made such an iconic franchise possible. The host also asked about the casting for the lead actress, revealing that stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson were also making their way into the audition round.

Hardwicke then said that she couldn’t remember if those actresses were there during the audition session because she was so fixated on having Stewart as the leading lady that she couldn’t focus on anyone else. She said:


“I, very early on, had my eyes set on Kristen. As soon as I saw Into The Wild, I am like ‘She’s It!.’ So they might have been seeing all these other people, But I was just laser-focused like I want her.”

What convinced Hardwicke to cast no one else but Stewart was her absolutely stellar performance in her 2007 Adventure/Drama film Into The Wild. 

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Why Is The Twilight Series Praised So Much?

A still from the Twilight series
A still from the Twilight series

Despite the last film of the series being released almost a decade in the past, there has been nothing like it since then.

The Twilight Saga captured the true essence of popular female fantasies of strong, handsome, and powerful young men, which in turn, helped it to achieve such a huge female audience. Along with that, the exceptional prowess of the actors to truly inhabit their characters and ravel it into the plot of the series is what made the entire franchise an icon.

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