“I want to be Spider-Man as well”: Daniel Craig Had to be Bullied by James Bond Producers to Return After He Threatened to Quit Franchise

Daniel Craig initially wanted to leave the spy franchise!

"I want to be Spider-Man as well": Daniel Craig Had to be Bullied by James Bond Producers to Return After He Threatened to Quit Franchise


  • The Skyfall actor was prepared to give up on the suit after suffering multiple injuries.
  • A brutal on-screen brawl with Dave Bautista made Daniel Craig feel that the 007 producers were bullying him.
  • Daniel Craig once had his eye on a superhero role in the esteemed Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Daniel Craig, a celebrated English actor, is famous for his legendary depiction of James Bond in the iconic 007 movie series. He has garnered widespread praise for his gritty and compelling performances, solidifying his status as one of the most adored Bonds in film history.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig made an intriguing revelation, confessing that he initially declined the opportunity to star in his debut James Bond film, Casino Royale. He was concerned it might disrupt his life and career. Moreover, for his final Bond outing in No Time To Die, he humorously admitted to needing a bit of persuasion to return to the role.

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Daniel Craig Almost Quit The Iconic Franchise

As time passed, it became common knowledge that Daniel Craig was utterly drained following his work on Spectre, leading to his now-famous remark about preferring to do something drastic than star in another Bond film. Back then, some argued that his statement had been misconstrued and that he was merely expressing the need for a break to recuperate from the grueling schedule and injuries.

While the official narrative had consistently touted a five-film plan, a recent interview at BAFTA saw Daniel Craig revealing a different side of the story. He admitted that Barbara Broccoli, the franchise producer, had to employ significant persuasion to secure his return for the final installment. Furthermore, Craig confessed that he needed convincing to accept the role in the first place.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig, newly appointed as an honorary Commander in the Royal Navy, opened up about the physical toll his injuries from the Spectre shoot had exacted. His knee injury from a brawl with Dave Bautista left a significant mark. He humorously noted that it took some firm persuasion from Barbara Broccoli, almost like she was “bullying” him, to coax him back into the role.


Craig said (via Express):

“I’m gonna say that right here and I’m so happy I did. I just said, ‘I can’t. I mean, I think you got the wrong guy. Thank you, flattering, but I think you’ve got the wrong guy. Maybe you’re auditioning lots of people and you’re sort of trying to get a picture of it…'”

He disclosed that the producer had to employ a similar tactic the first time when she initially proposed the role to Craig.

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Daniel Craig Always Wanted To Play The Iconic Spy

Craig explained that when people used to suggest he must have always aspired to be James Bond, he would respond by acknowledging that as a child, he did entertain the idea. However, he also humorously added that he wanted to be Spider-Man, but he never believed either role would become a reality for him.

“People used to say, ‘oh you must have always wanted to be James Bond.’ I went, ‘Well, yeah, kind of as a kid I kind of thought about it. I want to be Spider-Man as well, but I just thought it was never going to happen.’ And I never thought it would come on my radar.”

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig expressed his uncertainty, emphasizing the immense pressure and significance of the situation. He questioned his readiness, highlighting his enjoyment of his current work. He pointed out his involvement in “Munich” and his belief in the success and satisfaction of his career, wondering why he would consider jeopardizing it by taking on this new endeavor.

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