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“I want to do some things I haven’t done”: Harrison Ford Reveals Real Reason on Joining MCU at 80 as Thunderbolt Ross

Harrison Ford Reveals Real Reason on Joining MCU

Harrison Ford has been officially announced to be the latest actor to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The veteran actor will portray the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the upcoming project titled Thunderbolts.

Although several people questioned the actor on why he was excited to join the MCU even at the age of 80, the Air Force One actor replied  “I now want to do some of the things I haven’t done”.

Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford.

Veteran Actor Harrison Ford Joins The MCU at 80

With the announcement of the upcoming project Thunderbolts, veteran actor Harrison Ford officially joined the MCU at the age of 80. The role was portrayed by the late actor William Hurt who had taken on the role in MCU projects like Captain America: Civil War and Black Widow. 

William Hurt portrayed the character of Thunderbolt Ross before his untimely passing.
William Hurt portrayed the character of Thunderbolt Ross before his untimely passing.

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During one of his recent interviews, the Indiana Jones actor shared his excitement about working with Marvel. He addressed the question of why he wanted to work with Marvel even after working in Hollywood for many years.

“Hey, look, I’ve done a lot of things. I now want to do some of the things I haven’t done,”

The role was portrayed by the brilliant William Hurt before he passed away on 13th March 2022. Many people paid their respects to the late actor and thought that the movie would come to a halt. Thunderbolts follows the tale of General Thaddeus Thunderbolt who was once out to capture The Hulk during the events of The Incredible Hulk.

Following the various storylines that could develop from the events of She-Hulk, the movie can cover many grounds along with the charm and charisma of the veteran actor Harrison Ford.

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Is Harrison Ford Talking About Motion Capture?

Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford.

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The host of the podcast which housed Harrison Ford featured Mike DeAngelo helming the talks. Upon further queries as to what the veteran actor wanted to do that he hasn’t done yet, the talk of motion capture came to light.

The character of Thunderbolt Ross eventually turns into the Red Hulk and Harrison Ford will eventually have to equip the motion capture technology of the current times. When asked about it, the Blade Runner actor simply put a finger on his lips and did not reveal any secrets as to what he was going to show in the movie. Seemingly, an answer to DC’s Suicide Squad, Thunderbolts will allegedly feature a similar story with villains teaming up for a government operation.

Thunderbolts is slated for a release date of 26th July 2024 in the U.S.

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