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“I want to prove all those doubters wrong”: Iron Fist Actor Finn Jones Demands Second Chance, Wants To Give the Perfect ‘Danny Rand Performance’

"I want to prove all those doubters wrong": Iron Fist Actor Finn Jones Demands Second Chance, Wants To Give the Perfect 'Danny Rand Performance'

Marvel Studios’ collaboration with Netflix brought along some of the best protagonist series to the audience at the height of Marvel’s MCU fandom. Iron Fist became one of those characters who helmed one of the four shows that went on to constitute the Defenders Saga. The golden-fisted, dragon-slaying, orphaned billionaire superhero was a Marvel character imbued with extraordinary potential. But shortcomings in the scripted narrative marred the series, making it fail to catch the viewers’ attention as much as its contemporaries, especially Daredevil and Jessica Jones, did.

Now laying in hibernation, Finn Jones, the actor who played the character of Danny Rand aka Iron Fist wants to do justice to the superhero who went on to become one of the pioneers of Marvel’s grassroots-level vigilante protectors.

Marvel's Iron Fist
Marvel’s Iron Fist

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Iron Fist Actor Finn Jones Wishes to Make a Comeback

The Marvel x Netflix era flourished and excelled during the golden age of MCU. The shows born during this era: DaredevilJessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher — constituted the Defenders Saga, roaming the shadowy underworld hidden beneath the overarching narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although each of these entries successfully launched the heroes and their complex stories, Iron Fist was somewhat of the black sheep of the Marvel x Netflix family, lacking in proper acting, storytelling, and the overall pacing of the plot. Season 2 of the series gained up on some of those shortcomings, showing potential for improvement but by then, Netflix had already begun inching toward the end of its Marvel contract.

Finn Jones as Iron Fist in The Defenders
Finn Jones as Iron Fist in The Defenders

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With Disney picking up where Netflix left off, Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil makes a critically lauded comeback in the mainstream continuity of the MCU. In this momentary window of opportunity created, Finn Jones seeks to bring his superhero into the spotlight and make some reparations along the way after Netflix failed to secure the fate of the series.

“I’d love another chance… I care about [Danny Rand] deeply. I believe in that character… There’s something about the underdog. I love the underdog narrative. I love the ability to prove someone wrong. And I want to prove all those [doubters] wrong. I know I have it in me, and I know I can give the Danny Rand performance that fans want and I know is possible.

However, rumors about the actor not being invested in the Marvel IP floated around in the past year, painting Finn Jones in a negative light and as one of the causes why the show failed to catch steam during its solo launch.

Finn Jones as Danny Rand
Finn Jones as Danny Rand

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How Would Iron Fist Return to the Marvel Continuity?

While speaking about the possibilities of witnessing an Iron Fist return, Finn Jones elaborates on how the character could return to Marvel/Disney:

“I would love to come back. But I think it’d have to be in a way that makes most creative and narrative sense. For me, I’ve been thinking about this, I think it would be really cool to see a Heroes for Hire series. That’s the way to bring him back. But then also to have Colleen [Wing] to come back and still be the Iron Fist.”

The actor goes on to state that it is not as much Finn Jones’s Danny Rand himself who has to be the Iron Fist, but Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who can be soft-launched via a Shang-Chi sequel.

Iron Fist Season 2
Iron Fist Season 2

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According to Finn Jones, Iron Fist’s Marvel x Netflix superhero counterpart, Luke Cage also presents the possibility of the pair’s transition from the vaults of Marvel to the surface of the MCU by launching a “Heroes for Hire” narrative. However, so far, only Daredevil and Jessica Jones have managed to stay audience favorites, and any mass movement asking for these Netflix solo superheroes’ return has been focused on the latter two.

Daredevil: Born Again debuts on Disney+ in 2024.

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