“I wanted a complication on my side”: Harrison Ford Clashed With Brad Pitt Over Bad $140M Movie Script

"I wanted a complication on my side": Harrison Ford Clashed With Brad Pitt Over Bad $140M Movie Script

The 1997 action thriller, The Devil’s Own might not have been the most recognizable title for Harrison Ford, but it was indeed a complicated production. Appearing alongside Brad Pitt, the two powerhouses of Hollywood made a great deal out of their movie. Sitting for an interview with Esquire, Ford even narrated the on-set conflict he had with Pitt while shooting. 

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt

Clashing over the screenplay and exploring their respective character development, Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, both delved into complicated situations. While discussing the highs and the lows of the action thriller, Ford even mentioned how he didn’t see eye to eye with Pitt, following their petty squabble. 

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The Devil’s Own Starring Harrison Ford And Brad Pitt 

The Devil’s Own (1997) came when Harrison Ford was focused on action thrillers and Brad Pitt was starting his career in Hollywood. Set in New York, the movie centered around Sgt. Tom O’Mera (Harrison Ford), who had IRA member Frankie McGuire (Brad Pitt) live with him disguised as a construction worker who emigrated from Ireland. 

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The Devil's Own
The Devil’s Own (1997)

The movie proceeded as McGuire appeared to work with the local Irish mob to obtain black market missiles to fight against the British troops in Northern Ireland. The Devil’s Own played a major role in Brad Pitt‘s career as it came as a breakout role for the actor following 12 Monkeys. Released in 1997, the movie received mixed reviews from critics and financially grossed $140M worldwide. 

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own

Although the movie was portrayed from Harrison Ford’s perspective, his character was initially intended to be a less significant one. However, Ford couldn’t comprehend this and thus added a subplot that only complicated creative matters between the two actors. 

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Harrison Ford’s Conflict With Brad Pitt Over Movie Script 

Discussing with Esquire, Harrison Ford mentioned how he and Brad Pitt couldn’t find a mutually comfortable and convenient script to work on. The issue became huge when the two actors started acting for two different versions of the story, even when cameras started rolling. “Brad developed the script. Then they offered me the part. I saved my comments about the character and the construction of the thing.” Ford detailed during the interview. 

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford discussed his and Brad Pitt’s conflict

He’s a really decent guy. But we couldn’t agree on a director until we came to Alan Pakula, who I had worked with before but Brad had not. Brad had this complicated character, and I wanted a complication on my side so that it wasn’t just a good-and-evil battle.” Harrison Ford stated. 

Detailing the issue he had with Brad Pitt and the script, Harrison Ford mentioned how he felt like he was imposing his decision on Pitt. “I worked with a writer — but then all the sudden we’re shooting and we didn’t have a script that Brad and I agreed on,” Ford mentioned. Further, he added, “Each of us had different ideas about it…I was imposing my point of view, and it’s fair to say that that’s what Brad felt.” 

Harrison Ford
Ford mentioned fighting over a bad script

Stating how complicated the situation was, Harrison Ford mentioned, despite all odds he still likes the movie, very much. Following The Devil’s Own, Ford was again spotted donning iconic roles in big-budget movies. 

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Source: Esquire 

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