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“I wanted to get out of there”: David Duchovny Wanted to Exit X-Files, Admitted Not Having as Much ‘Gratitude’ as He Switched to Another Iconic Show

David Duchovny Wanted to Exit X-Files, Admitted Not Having as Much ‘Gratitude’ as He Switched to Another Iconic Show

David Duchovny is an incredibly well-recognized and respected actor. Being known for his extremely diverse acting in his filmography, he has starred in many successful and varying projects like Twin Peaks, Californication, Evolution, and Zoolander. Despite these well-known works, the actor is perhaps, most well known for his work in the massive television series, X-files. Being one of the most iconic series during its run and being easily described as a cultural phenomenon, the mystery series helped establish the careers of Duchovny and his co-star, Gillian Anderson.


One would expect the two to be quite grateful for the success that the series gave them, opening many paths and helping them become the successful actors that they are today. Though Anderson has talked about this quite a bit, Duchovny has confessed that when he left the series, he was not as grateful as he should have been, focused more on where he was going rather than where he came from.

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David Duchovny Was Keen About Exiting X-Files

During an interview with Time, David Duchovny stated that by the time X-files was over he was much more eager to leave the series rather than relish over where the series brought him compared to where he was before its start. He revealed that he was desperate to try to prove that he was capable of more than what he showcased on the mystery series and for this, he branched out as far away as he could, starring in Californication, a comedy series having a tone much different than the tone of X-FIles.

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David Duchovny in The X-Files
David Duchovny

“By the time we were finishing, I was really ready and eager to move and show that I could do other things, that I wasn’t just going to do this thing. So there wasn’t as much gratitude as I might have had, and looking back I wish I’d had that. I wanted to get out of there. I think we all did. And now, being older, I just try to appreciate things in the moment and be grateful in the moment. I think I was more present for the ending of this one.”

While this worked very well and helped Duchovny establish himself as more than just a mystery actor he now confesses that he wished he had more gratitude when he was leaving the series and not been so focused on what he was going to do in his future and be more thankful for what his past did for him.

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David Duchovny Believes He Should Have Been More Grateful

During this interview with Time, David Duchovny stated that after learning from his mistakes, He has now started to appreciate things more in the moment rather than chasing what he’s going to do next. Being grateful for what he has and has had the actor talked about how working on X-Files changed his life in many ways. He stated that the fame that came with the series was unlike anything he had experienced before, adding that it was life-changing for him.

David Duchovny wants to a X-Files revival
David Duchovny in The X-Files

“With The X-Files, it was the first time that anything like that had happened to me. It was a phenomenon. It was life-changing. Life-transforming. I went from being somebody who nobody knew to somebody known worldwide. There were all these things that had happened because of the show.”

The actor went on to say that this was extremely bizarre for him as he went from being a normal person to being part of something that was lived all over the world. He added that the series opened many doors for him and helped him become the actor he is today, helping him

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