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“I wanted to make that movie”: James Cameron Hated Watching Star Wars for the First Time for a Shocking Reason

“I wanted to make that movie”: James Cameron Hated Watching Star Wars for the First Time for a Shocking Reason

James Cameron is one of the most successful filmmakers in history, having directed two of the highest-grossing films of all time, Avatar and Titanic. But even Cameron had to start somewhere; for him, that place was Star Wars. James Cameron’s fascination with science fiction began in his childhood when he was drawn to the eye-popping artwork and exciting stories of classic pulp magazines. 

James Cameron
James Cameron

These stories often featured horrifying beasts, damsels in distress, and sleek rocket ships on alien worlds. Cameron’s love of science fiction led him to make his own short film, Xenogenesis, which he made with Randall Frakes in 1978. This film showed Cameron’s interest in creating realistic and visually stunning science fiction films. Xenogenesis was made before the first moon landing, and it featured a more realistic depiction of space travel than many films of the era. Cameron’s later films, such as The Terminator, Aliens, and Avatar, all reflect his childhood fascination with science fiction. 

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Cameron on Star Wars and how the franchise made him switch careers 

James Cameron has said that the film that motivated him the most was George LucasStar Wars. Cameron was a truck driver at the time, but he had always dreamed of making his own film. Star Wars showed him that creating a visually stunning and groundbreaking film with a limited budget was possible. 

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“I was pissed off.” “I wanted to make that movie. That’s when I got busy.”
“All I was interested in was visual effects. I didn’t know who Humphrey Bogart was.”
“My wife thought I was crazy.”

George Lucas Solo Star Wars Story
George Lucas’ Star Wars

Star Wars was a watershed moment in the history of cinema. The film’s groundbreaking special effects and epic story helped to redefine the science fiction genre.

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Cameron has admitted that he is not a fan of the later films from the franchise

In an interview, Cameron said that he “used to be” a fan of the franchise, praising the original six films directed by George Lucas. However, he was not as impressed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams. He said,


“I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t feel anything.” 

Poster of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Cameron’s comments are interesting because he is known for his groundbreaking visual effects work. Avatar, in particular, was a technical marvel, and it’s clear that Cameron has high standards for visual effects. It’s possible that Cameron was simply disappointed that The Force Awakens didn’t push the envelope more in terms of visual effects. Or, it’s possible that he simply didn’t connect with the film’s story or characters. Whatever the reason, Cameron’s comments are a reminder that even the most successful filmmakers can have their own opinions about popular movies.

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