“I was always a Batman guy”: The DC Superhero Glen Powell Always Wanted to Play Shatters a Dream Fan-Casting in James Gunn’s DCU

Glen Powell reveals his favorite DC superhero is Batman.

glen powell, batman


  • Glen Powell admits his obsession with Batman and his desire to portray the character.
  • The actor addressed reports of being fan-cast as Booster Gold in James Gunn's DCU.
  • Gunn confirmed Booster Gold series and that he's already talking to an actor.
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Glen Powell is one of the fastest-rising stars today thanks to his roles in Top Gun: Maverick and Anyone But You, both successful box office hits. It’s not a wonder anymore if the actor wants to join a superhero franchise as it remains the most popular genre in the film business.

glen powell top gun maverick
Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick / Paramount Pictures

In fact, Powell has been a fan-favorite actor for the role of Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, in James Gunn’s upcoming DC Universe project. The thing is, the actor has a different hero in mind.

Glen Powell Reveals The DC Character He’d Like To Portray

During his conversation with GQ Magazine, actor Glen Powell revealed his obsession with Batman. The actor paid a visit to James Gunn’s office while conducting the interview, and the moment he spotted the Batmobiles lined up through the hall, he said:


I was always a Batman guy. I would have a wild take on Batman. It definitely would not be like a Matt Reeves tone – it’d probably be closer to Keaton.

Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash / Warner Bros. Pictures

The article claimed Powell has no interest in playing superhero roles, but he likes the idea of portraying Bruce Wayne. The actor, however, got a taste of what it is like to get beaten up by a comic book villain. “I get my head smashed in by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.” Yes, he appeared in Christopher Nolan’s highly acclaimed Batman movie.

While Powell expressed his fascination with Batman, many fans want him to star as Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold. He addressed the rumor back then and revealed he had no idea who the character was. He told Entertainment Tonight:

A bunch of my friends from Texas are like, ‘Is this true? Are you playing Cyclops, are you playing Booster Gold?’ I’ve actually looked up some of these characters, I’m not a real comic book guy. I’ve watched all the superhero movies of DC and Marvel, I’m a fan.

He ultimately claimed that “Booster Gold is really funny,” and he might be interested in the role because of his humor. While the show is confirmed to arrive in HBO Max, the actor who will lead the show remains to be a mystery.


James Gunn Shares They Have Found A Potential Lead Actor For Booster Gold

booster gold dc comics
Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold / DC Comics

As James Gunn announced via DC’s website the Booster Gold series, he also revealed that “we’re talking to an actor about it now.” He did not drop any hints as to who it might be, but he went to discuss what to expect from the show.

The DC boss shared that it is “the story of a superhero’s imposter syndrome” and how he deals with that. Gunn also promised that Booster Gold’s story would be a different kind of superhero show.

Peter Safran agreed that the character is a fan-favorite one despite being a lesser-known hero. As part of DCU’s Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, Booster Gold is yet to receive a release date.


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