“I was breaching the trademark”: Jennifer Lopez’s Billionaire Ex-Partner Dressed Up as Batman After WB Threatened Him to Not Dress Up as Another DC Character

Even after Warner Bros. warned him about breaching a DC character trademark, Diddy transformed into Batman.

"I was breaching the trademark": Jennifer Lopez's Billionaire Ex-Partner Dressed Up as Batman After WB Threatened Him to Not Dress Up as Another DC Character


  • Warner Bros. urged Diddy to avoid portraying DC characters, due to the legal complexities surrounding such roles.
  • Diddy's response to the warning took a surprising turn, as he transformed into Batman, defying the studio's advice about his DC character attire.
  • Diddy's daring and unconventional act exemplifies his audacity and the enigmatic dynamics within the entertainment industry.
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In the entertainment world, we’ve witnessed many captivating incidents, and one particularly noteworthy occurrence centered around the renowned figure Diddy. He is known for his music, fashion, and business ventures. The spotlight shone brightly on the 53-year-old when Warner Bros. expressed apprehension about his plan to portray the notorious Joker, a character from DC Comics.

Sean "Diddy" Combs
Sean “Diddy” Combs

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Rather than shying away, he took an unanticipated twist, transforming himself into Batman, cloak and all, in response to these concerns.


Warner Bros. Cautioned Diddy Against Dressing As A DC Character

In a remarkable turn of events, Warner Bros. allegedly sent a cautionary notice to the multifaceted artist, Diddy. Their concerns revolved around his intent to embrace another persona from the expansive DC Comics universe.

Diddy as Joker Halloween 2022

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The entertainment giant urged him to refrain from adopting the guise of a Joker DC character, shedding light on the complex legal intricacies that surround such portrayals.


Diddy’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live became a platform for him to share his Halloween 2022 Joker adventure. The former partner of Jennifer Lopez humorously teased the idea of revisiting the character.

The authenticity of his costume, inspired by Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal from The Dark Knight, led to a humorous altercation with actor Michael J. Ferguson, who didn’t recognize him beneath the disguise.

Recalling the previous year, the rapper disclosed receiving a letter from Warner Bros. expressing their reservations about his exceptional Joker depiction that seemingly violated their trademark. He held up the letter and playfully challenged the studio’s lawyers. He stated,


“Last year I was the Joker, and I got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker because they said it broke their trademark and that I did it too good, I swear. I have this letter from Warner Brothers… Tomorrow, Warner Brothers lawyers, can you see me? Put this camera on me right here. Head of legal, tomorrow, watch what I do.”

This episode adds a fascinating layer to his already captivating career. It highlights the enduring influence of rules and regulations within the entertainment world.

Ultimately, Diddy’s response to the warning took a surprising turn, as he transformed into Batman, defying the studio’s advice about his DC character attire.

Diddy Turned Into Batman Following Warner Bros.’ Warning About His DC Character Attire

Diddy in Batman Costume

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In a captivating twist of events, the singer recently found himself entangled in a peculiar Hollywood narrative. Warner Bros., which looms large in this story, urged Diddy to abstain from adorning the attire of a DC Comics character, none other than the infamous Joker. 

Diddy, however, responded with an unexpected and audacious twist, declaring with his Halloween costume, “I’m Batman.” This statement seemed to be a bold retort, a subtle act of defiance against the legal warnings received from Warner Bros. the previous year. 

As Diddy reminisced about the prior year’s legal correspondence in a video, he announced his decision to relinquish his Joker persona. He said,


“Last year, I got a bunch of emails from the studio telling me not to be the Joker anymore, that I was breaching the trademark. You win. I’m not going to be the Joker this year.”


Further, another video is set against the backdrop of what appears to be Bruce Wayne’s iconic armor, reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films.

Diddy, clad as Batman, perches atop a Tumbler Batmobile, challenging expectations and portraying a distinctly cinematic scene.


In a peculiar twist within the video, Diddy, still attired as Batman, confronts an individual resembling a prominent producer or studio executive, surrounded by two Oscars. What follows is an intriguing altercation resulting in an agreement that signifies the end of a supposed strike.

The disheveled producer is left incapacitated, bound, and gagged, adjacent to an office building adorned with a sign that reads, “The strike is over! Love, The Darkest Knight.”

This daring and unconventional act not only underscores Diddy’s flair for audacity but also underscores the enigmatic dynamics that often play out within the entertainment industry.


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