“I was emotionally exhausted”: One Dark Scene Left Emma Watson So Traumatized She Could Not Leave Her Home For Weeks

"I was emotionally exhausted": One Dark Scene Left Emma Watson So Traumatized She Could Not Leave Her Home For Weeks

In the captivating world of showbiz, where actors effortlessly represent diverse roles, it’s often overlooked that the intensity of certain scenes can deeply affect their emotional stability. Emma Watson, the gifted British actress praised for her memorable portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, has recently revealed the profound aftermath of a difficult on-set experience.

Emma Watson
Beauty And The Beast Performer, Emma Watson

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This distressing incident left her emotionally drained, provoking her to reflect on the burden it placed upon her.

Emma Watson Was Emotionally Exhausted After Filming Noah

In the demanding world of filmmaking, actors immerse themselves in their characters, aiming to deliver performances that authentically resonate with audiences.

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The burden of certain roles can leave a lasting impact on their well-being. For Emma Watson, filming the sacred epic Noah proved to be a physically and emotionally draining experience, requiring her to take time to recover.

Emma Watson
Harry Potter Star, Emma Watson

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Following the completion of the movie, the Harry Potter star revealed that she needed a period of solitude. She shared that she spent several weeks in her apartment, donning pajamas and giving herself space to recover. The intense process of making the film left her exhausted, she explained,

“I was so physically and emotionally exhausted by just the process of making the film. I just didn’t leave my apartment for a few weeks and walked around in my pajamas for a few days in a row. I just needed some time to sort of put myself back together a bit.” 

The impact of Noah extended beyond Watson’s well-being. The movie shifted her perspective on the world, instilling a profound desire to contribute and give back.

Watson expressed how the film’s portrayal of humanity’s responsibility for the Earth prompted her to contemplate her role in making a positive difference.

While she was drawn to Noah by her admiration for director Aronofsky and the opportunity to collaborate with talented actors, she also faced challenges during the shoot, including an injury that she openly discussed.

Emma Watson Was Left With Bleeding Lips In Noah

Emma Watson
British Icon, Emma Watson

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The 33-year-old had encountered her fair share of intense on-screen moments. However, one particular love-making scene left her with an unexpected injury. Watson, now an established A-lister in Hollywood, has solidified her status as a British icon.

During the filming of the biblical blockbuster Noah, she found herself in a passionate scene alongside actor Douglas Booth. Unfortunately, the intensity of the moment led to an incident where she ended up with bleeding lips.

The unexpected injury occurred as a result of the artist having to endure numerous takes of the hot scene, as was reported in the media. 

Reflecting on the experience during an appearance on the TV show Lorraine in 2014, Watson shared,

“We had this one scene where we had to run at each other and fit into this perfect passionate kiss.”

 Emma Watson, And Douglas Booth
Noah Performers, Emma Watson, And Douglas Booth

Further, the Little Women performer added,

“We were fine for the first four and five takes but by the sixth, we were just nutting each other. My lip was bleeding, I think I hurt Doug’s nose, we were exhausted. It was just not pretty at all.”

The film Noah, released in 2014, also starred notable actors such as Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, and Jennifer Connelly in significant roles. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the American epic biblical drama captivated audiences with its compelling storyline and visual glamour.

The Film Noah is streaming on Prime Video.

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