“I was horrified by the plans”: Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Accused of Building a $6.5M ‘Ecological Disaster’

"I was horrified by the plans": Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Accused of Building a $6.5M 'Ecological Disaster'
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Harry Potter, one of the most well-known and successful books and film series of all time would not have been possible if not for Rupert Grint’s portrayal of Ron Weasley. Playing the role of everyone’s favorite ginger-haired member of the lovable trio, who always remained on Harry’s side from the day they met each other, from engaging in comical shenanigans in Hogwarts, to fighting foes that posed a threat to the academy.

The Primary Trio of the Harry Potter Films

Although in the books and in the films, the Weasleys were written to be a part of a less than well-to-do family, the success of the Harry Potter franchise made Grint a really wealthy man with an estimated net worth of $50 Million. With all of those millions, the star decided to pursue his project of creating a community on his estate. But recent reports reveal that the project if given the green light, would destroy the heritage of the place.

Rupert Grint’s Eco Village Project Might Do Irreversible Damage To The Surroundings!

Rupert Grint
Rupert Grint

Spending most of his career playing the role of the timid yet charming ginger-haired boy of the Weasley family of wizards, Rupert Grint did a remarkable job of giving life to the character of Ron Weasley from the pages of J.K Rowling’s masterpiece. And so, the actor has compensated appropriately, which made him a millionaire. And now, with the help of those millions, Grint wants to build a 9-home eco-village on his $6.5 Million worth Hertfordshire estate in England.


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But with the recent development in his quest to make a community of individuals and families, the locals have stood up to oppose his plans for the project. With allegations that the Harry Potter star trying to bribe the locals to join his cause, the residents have also raised their concern for the welfare of a grove of 32 trees that will be destroyed if the project gets a nod from the authorities. One of his neighbors Dalia White pointed out this issue, saying:

“The removal of the trees where the affordable housing would go, would open up the vista and irrecoverably change this historic area. I was horrified by the plans showing the new view. I have severe misgivings about the promise of land being given to the Local Authority for a Nature reserve. There is no guarantee that this will be fulfilled after planning is granted. Also if the land was gifted, I have real concerns whether at some future time, some of this land would be utilised for housing or sold on.”

The consideration for the welfare of the trees and the allegations against Grint has made it harder for the star to take his project forward for the time being.


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What’s Next In The Wizarding World Franchise?

Harry Potter spin-off universe set to pick up from where the movie franchise ends
Harry Potter spin-off universe set to pick up from where the movie franchise ends

With the main franchise of the film series coming to an end in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part Two, there have been several successful attempts in bringing back and exploring the world of Harry Potter through the Wizarding World. With the introduction of the movie franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, fans were brought to the world of Hogwarts and the wizards through Newt Scamander. Plus, there have been talks about a spin-off universe of the series for the small screen in the near future, so the craze lives on with newer audiences.

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The Harry Potter Series, now available on Peacock.

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