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“I was imposing my point of view”: Harrison Ford Doesn’t Hate Brad Pitt For Insulting Him After Their Disagreement in $140 Million Movie

"I was imposing my point of view": Harrison Ford Doesn't Hate Brad Pitt For Insulting Him After Their Disagreement in $140 Million Movie

Harrison Ford’s movies have grossed more than $9.3 billion worldwide, making him one of the most promising actors of his time. It is not surprising that when Brad Pitt and the Indiana Jones star worked together, it was America’s cultural icon whose paycheck was bigger than Pitt’s.

Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt had several on-set conflicts while filming The Devil's Own (1997)
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt had several on-set conflicts while filming The Devil’s Own (1997)

It is also true that during the 1997 action thriller, the two A-listers didn’t really get along. From Pitt almost being hit by a lawsuit for trying to leave the production, to indulging in a fight over the lead role, Pitt and Ford couldn’t even agree to disagree. But the Star Wars actor recently revealed that he doesn’t really hate Brad Pitt.

For Harrison Ford, It Wasn’t Just A Good-And-Evil Battle

Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt starred in The Devil’s Own (1997), an action thriller. The Fight Club actor once referred to it as “a disaster” and “the most irresponsible bit of filmmaking”. During a recent interview with Esquire, the 80-year-old actor opened up about his on-set conflict with Brad Pitt:

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“Brad developed the script. Then they offered me the part. I saved my comments about the character and the construction of the thing — I admired Brad… But we couldn’t agree on a director until we came to Alan Pakula, who I had worked with before but Brad had not.

Brad had this complicated character, and I wanted a complication on my side so that it wasn’t just a good-and-evil battle. I worked with a writer — but then all the sudden we’re shooting and we didn’t have a script that Brad and I agreed on.”

Harrison Ford as Sergeant Tom in The Devil's Own
Harrison Ford as Sergeant Tom in The Devil’s Own

He added that each of them had different ideas and he understood why his co-star wanted to stay with his point of view, and why he wanted to do the same. Ford added, “I was imposing my point of view, and it’s fair to say that that’s what Brad felt.” After everything, Ford doesn’t hate Pitt for insulting him back in the day.

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The Devil’s Own Was A Good Schooling For Brad Pitt

Harrison Ford, who played Sergeant Tom O’Meara, may have earned more than Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own, but Angelina Jolie‘s ex-husband admitted that the “movie was a good schooling” despite the numerous clashes between the co-stars.

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When Pitt, playing Francis “Frankie” McGuire, was asked  if “a lot of the movie [The Devil’s Own] was made up on the fly, right?”, the actor responded:

“All of it, man. The [shoot took] seven months. It should have been three months. The experience taught me how ludicrous it could be throwing money at a problem. But I met Gordon Willis, one of the great [cinematographers].

It was my first attempt at an accent that was truly foreign to me. Still, I think the movie could have been better. Literally, the script got thrown out.“

Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt

Despite the $300 million actor calling it a “disaster” at one point in time, Brad Pitt admitted, “I really like The Devil’s Own. It was a good schooling for me.” Some critics, however, condemned the $140 million movie for ignoring the history of Northern Ireland and skipping the issues involved between the two sides.

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The Devil’s Own is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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