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“I was in survival mode”: Jeremy Renner’s Plans To Start A Career In Hollywood Didn’t Mesh Well With The Actor’s Love Life, Claimed He Was Too Broke To Even Feed Himself

“I was in survival mode”: Jeremy Renner’s Plans To Start A Career In Hollywood Didn’t Mesh Well With The Actor’s Love Life, Claimed He Was Too Broke To Even Feed Himself

Jeremy Renner is an amazing actor and is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the actor wasn’t as well-established or known back when he first started acting. Just like the majority of actors, his life was full of struggle, odd jobs, and living in extreme conditions without running water or heating.

Jeremy Renner
Marvel star Jeremy Renner

Understandably his love life too suffered as a result, as he once claimed in an interview that he didn’t even have enough money to feed himself.

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Jeremy Renner Was Too Broke To Even Eat During His Days As An Actor

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner struggled a lot as a young actor

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Jeremy Renner is now counted among the top actors in Hollywood but before he got his big break and industry recognition, the actor was living hand to mouth and probably even worse most of the time. He would do odd jobs like renovating houses and being a makeup artist to be able to afford a living. Most of the time the actor didn’t even have running water or electricity to heat up the house and was even living at a place with no plumbing at one time.

With so little in his pockets and less time, his love life consequently suffered a lot. In an interview with Elle, the actor stated that he didn’t even have enough to feed himself so dating wasn’t even an option for him.

“When you’re broke? You don’t date. You can’t afford to eat yourself. I didn’t have any money. I had my Ramen. And my mac-n-cheese. My donut holes. I couldn’t be bothered with dating. I was very focused on what I was doing. I had to take care of myself. I was in survival mode.”

Having just a monthly budget of 10 dollars for a month, the struggling actor would survive on Top Ramen. Even with such a struggle, the actor knew better than to sit and cry about it.


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Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Regret The Struggle

Jeremy Renner
Renner has no regrets

Even though the actor lived in a studio apartment with no electricity or heating, he knew better that sitting and crying over it would lead to nowhere. Instead, the actor was happy to be able to be doing something and having a job that he actually enjoyed, just as he stated in his interview with Men’s Health once.

“I had no electricity, no gas, no hot water. So I learned to play guitar. I lit candles. I made a vibe out of it. I said, ‘Hey, look, this is romantic. It’s not depressing that I can’t afford power.’ If I sat and cried about it, which I probably did once or twice, it doesn’t really move the needle. Changing and shifting your perspective—that’s the only thing we have control of in perpetuity.”

Even though he found it trying, and didn’t even have running water to get ready for the Academy Awards when he got his first nomination, the actor has no qualms over his journey but is rather grateful about the whole experience (via Business Insider).

Source: Elle, Men’s Health, and Business Insider

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