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“I was just really tired of it”: Vicky Krieps Refused to Give Any Special Treatment to Daniel Day-Lewis During Phantom Thread

Vicky Krieps who played the role of Alma Elson in Phantom Thread did not give Daniel Day-Lewis any special treatment

"I was just really tired of it": Vicky Krieps Refused to Give Any Special Treatment to Daniel Day-Lewis During Phantom Thread


  • Vicky Krieps, unknown at the time of working in Phantom Thread, refused to be swayed by the presence of Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis's performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread was a crowning achievement in his illustrious career.
  • It was his final appearance in silver screen, and was the perfect swan song of his career.

Daniel Day-Lewis, record-breaking winner of three Best Actor Oscars delivers a tour de force performance of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 period drama Phantom Thread, which stands as a crowning achievement in his illustrious career. Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Reynolds Woodcock is a masterclass in subtlety and nuance.

Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread (2017)

However, Vicky Krieps who played the role of Alma Elson in the movie did not give any special attention to Daniel Day-Lewis when he used to come to the set. This was Day-Lewis’ final on-screen performance and everyone was in awe. But not Vicky Krieps.

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Vicky Krieps Refused Any Special Treatment for Daniel Day-Lewis on the Set of Phantom Thread

In the world of cinema, few names evoke the same level of admiration and reverence as Daniel Day-Lewis. Renowned for his meticulous immersion into his characters, Day-Lewis’ method acting techniques have become legendary, often creating an aura of mystique and intimidation around him.

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However, not everyone is swayed by the allure of method acting, as evidenced by actress Vicky Krieps’ refusal to give Day-Lewis any special treatment during the filming of their 2017 film, Phantom Thread.

Vicky Krieps
Vicky Krieps hated working with Daniel Day-Lewis

Krieps, who was relatively unknown at the time, was cast as Alma, the young and spirited woman who captures the heart of Day-Lewis’ character, Reynolds Woodcock, a meticulous and controlling dressmaker. She refused to be swayed by the whispers and expectations surrounding her co-star.

While speaking with The Telegraph, Keieps said recalling the moment he entered the set:


He’s here! My God! It’s him. I am a person who thinks we are all equal. We all sit on the toilet. I could see it all like a circus. I just didn’t get afraid.”

But after half the movie, I was just really tired of it,” she said. “Like: OK, I get it. It’s a game. I’ve played it. But can we just talk normally now, please?”

Vicky Krieps with Daniel Day-Lewis
Vicky Krieps with Daniel Day-Lewis

She continued,

“Do you really need everyone around you to behave so strangely and talk in a whisper?’ I decided I wasn’t going to look at him in a special way just because he’s Daniel Day-Lewis. He reacted to my feeling and played with that well. That dance became the movie, and in the end it was a wonderful thing.”

Unfazed by the hype, Krieps maintained her composure and treated Day-Lewis with the same respect she would give any other actor.

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Daniel Day-Lewis Delivered a Masterful Performance in His Swan Song, Phantom Thread

Among his many celebrated roles, Daniel Day-Lewis‘s performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 masterpiece, Phantom Thread, stands out as a top achievement, marking a poignant farewell to the silver screen.

Set in the post-war era of 1950s London, the film revolves around Reynolds Woodcock, a renowned couturier whose fastidious and meticulous nature is challenged when he falls for Alma, a young and enigmatic waitress.

Phantom Thread (2017)
Phantom Thread (2017)

Alma possesses a quiet strength and resilience that challenges Woodcock’s domineering nature, and an independent spirit that refuses to be stifled by his rigid control. Their relationship is a dance of power and submission, a constant negotiation of roles and boundaries.

Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Woodcock is nothing short of mesmerizing. He embodies the character’s exacting standards and controlling tendencies with a subtle yet compelling intensity. His voice, a delicate blend of arrogance and insecurity, is a symphony of emotions, echoing the complexities of Woodcock’s character.

For his performance in the film, Day-Lewis was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the Oscars.

Watch Phantom Thread on Prime Video.


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