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“I was never a big fan of hers”: Jennifer Lopez Shamelessly Shaded Johnny Depp’s 2 Times Oscar Nominee Ex-Partner Winona Ryder Despite Her Own Forgettable Hollywood Career

“I was never a big fan of hers”: Jennifer Lopez Shamelessly Shaded Johnny Depp’s 2 Times Oscar Nominee Ex-Partner Winona Ryder Despite Her Own Forgettable Hollywood Career

Jennifer Lopez is no longer Jenny from the Block person as she established herself among the top stars in the entertainment industry which earned her a landmark star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Given her influence in Hollywood, she is not to be undermined. However, when it comes to her personality, her success has only made it worse, especially when she newly rose to the top.

Jennifer Lopez
American actress, Jennifer Lopez

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She has often been called out for her diva behavior and always tried to do things her own way. However, her worst personality check was revealed back in 1998 when she criticized her colleagues in the acting industry including Johnny Depp’s famous ex- Winona Ryder.

Jennifer Lopez Openly Dissed Winona Ryder in a 1998 interview

Winona Ryder
American actress, Winona Ryder

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The 51-year-old actress, Winona Ryder rose to prominence for her dynamic performances in various genres in the 1990s. With her portrayals in the hit films like The Age of Innocence (1993) and Little Women (1994), she was even nominated for Academy Awards consecutively. Apart from that, she is known for her role in Star Trek and Netflix’s Stranger Things.

She has continued to entertain her fans by delivering exemplary performances however, in the eyes of Jennifer Lopez, she wasn’t much of a deal.

While Ryder established herself in the industry in the late 90s, the latter newly got recognition for her first leading film, Selena, which was released in 1997.

Having achieved a major milestone in her acting career, she directly shaded the former in a 1998 interview with Movieline. By claiming herself to be “the best” in the industry, she subtly shaded Ryder by stating,

“I was never a big fan of hers.”

She continued,

“In Hollywood she’s revered, she gets nominated for Oscars, but I’ve never heard anyone in the public or among my friends say, ‘Oh, I love her.’ “

It was quite a big deal for a rising celebrity to take a direct hit at someone who proved her talent by showcasing her real skills. However, Ryder was among the few celebrities whom she criticized at the time.

Did Jennifer Lopez Ever Realize Her Mistake?

Jennifer Lopez
Actress-Singer, Jennifer Lopez

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While the singer didn’t just stop at Johnny Depp’s ex, she eventually realized her grave mistake later on in her career. In a 2001 interview with Variety, she opened up about crying for hours when she read what she said back in 1998.

She shared at the time,

“I was so misquoted and so taken out of context, and it’s a sore subject for me.”

She continued,

“I don’t like to hurt anybody. I don’t like to hurt their feelings. I like to joke, so I do that sometimes. What they wrote in that article hurt people.”

Even in a 2018 interview with NPR, she remained adamant about not wanting to hurt people with her words. She opened up that “a lot of people in the industry really pissed off” after the infamous interview was published. She further added that she had no idea that her words would wound somebody especially when she was a nobody at the time. While the infamous article has continued to haunt her for years, she has apologized for her insensitive remarks toward other celebrities.

Source: Movieline

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