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“I was promised they would be released to me”: Following Batgirl Cancelation Desperate Father of a Young Girl Pleads WB To Send The Picture of His Daughter From the Shelved Movie

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The cancellation of Batgirl by Warner Bros. Discovery has attracted widespread criticism for its unsupportive attitude towards the cast and the crew. Many fans are against this move by WBD as they feel that the studio didn’t consider the hard work of the officials who were linked with it. Now according to a report, another story has emerged where the father of a small girl who played a small role in the movie has requested the studio to send her photographs from her scenes.

Leslie Grace was in the lead role in Batgirl before David Zaslav's cancellation.
Leslie Grace was in the lead role in Batgirl before David Zaslav’s cancellation

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The Heartbreaking Story of the Glasgow girl

The production of Batgirl is largely based in Glasgow as the city is very well suited to be a very accurate visualization of Gotham city. Besides the prime cast and the crew, there are numerous other stories also which go unheard but their contribution to the movie is also as much as the others. A similar story has come up recently as a resident of Glasgow whose daughter acted in a small role in the movie has pleaded WBD for his daughter’s photos:

“David Zaslav, @wbd @wbpictures if you are going ahead with scrapping Batgirl completely can I at least have some photos of my daughter Isla in her scenes to show her mum, sisters, etc, photos were taken on her day of filming and I was promised they would be released to me.”

The girl Isla Neil didn’t even think of being an actress until one day she went with her father to check out the filming where she was asked by the makers to act in the movie in a minor role.

The heartbreaking tale of the Glasgow girl
The 8-year-old Glasgow girl Isla Neil

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The heartbroken father expressed how his daughter was overjoyed to star in a movie and she was even excited for all her family and friends who would watch her in the movie but now unfortunately everything’s in vain:

“Isla was over the moon. It was emotional watching them together. It’s just a pity we’re not getting to see the movie. We had to keep it all a secret for so long. We kept saying to Isla ‘you’re going to be on the big screen. We had plans to go to the cinema when the film was released and she wanted her friends to see her in the movie.”

The story further continued to reveal how the girl was extremely upset to find out that she might never again be able to meet with Leslie Grace and her dreams of appearing in the grand premiere are also shattered:

“She was upset, really upset about it being scrapped, but she’s got the memories she’ll never forget. She also said ‘I’ll never see Leslie Grace again’ as she was hoping to go to the premiere and meet with her again. I was absolutely gutted too. I was expecting to see my wee girl on the screen in a real movie.”

Now the man wants a photo so that he can at least keep a memory of his daughter acting in a movie and so that the rest of the family members can also see her look.

It is not the first time somebody called out David Zaslav for the cancellation controversy. Earlier also a co-star called him an “imbecile” for his actions.

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Is there any chance for Batgirl’s revival?

Batgirl directors were surprised after movie got shelved
Batgirl directors Adil and Billal

Batgirl was scrapped by the studio after it garnered terrible reviews from its test screenings. The movie which was about to release on HBO Max was trashed to save some bucks.

As per the revival of the movie, there is extremely slight to no chance for the movie to come back. Recently even the director duo of Adil and Billal revealed that they tried to salvage the movie from the production servers but couldn’t:

“Everything was gone. We were…’F**ing sh*t!’… We did not even keep [the scenes] with Batman in it,” 

So there can be a high chance that the studio might have even destroyed the existing footage from the movie but it is really heartbreaking to know about the terrible loss of people’s valuable time and hard work.

Source: The Glasgow Times

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