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“I was really hoping to chat about my favorite superhero”: Horror Maestro Mike Flanagan Nearly Signed Up For Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2 Before Being Persuaded to Direct Doctor Sleep Instead

Horror Maestro Mike Flanagan Nearly Signed Up For Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill has been in the midst of a lot of conversations and news headlines for his long-awaited return as Superman in the recently released Black Adam starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. With his return as the OG caped crusader, there are a lot of rumors that have been making the rounds in the news, especially within speculative articles of a potential Man Of Steel 2. This news might’ve been even more exciting if a certain someone would’ve made it work.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Most fans are familiar with the mismanagement fiasco that took place within the walls of Warner Bros. Discovery that made former President Walter Hamada leave the company. Now, spearheaded under the supervision of James Gunn and Peter Safran, DC Films has taken the initiative to correct all the deviations from the DCU. So, in order to accomplish that, they have set out to find like-minded individuals to make that plan come true. Only this time, the company seemed to deviate yet again.

Mike Flanagan Was Ready To Direct Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel 2!

Stephen King (left) and Mike Flanagan (right).
Stephen King and Mike Flanagan

After the events of 2017’s Justice League had concluded, director Mike Flanagan was approached to helm the project of Henry Cavill as Superman in an upcoming Man Of Steel film. Flanagan, who is more popularly known for creating horror masterpieces like Gerald’s Game, The Haunting series on Netflix, and the popular Ouija: Origin Of Evil, was pretty excited to become part of the DCU, especially when his favorite superhero happened to be Superman. In a recent post on Tumblr, he said:

“We were meant to talk about DC Comics and see if there was anything to do there, I was really hoping to chat about a horror-slanted Clayface movie, and about my favorite superhero: Superman. Neither conversation went very far.” 

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He further added on the post, disclosing how he was persuaded to become part of WB’s non-comic project, which happened to be Stephen King’s popular novel big-screen adaptation of Doctor Sleep. He said:

“I had just finished GERALD’S GAME, and Jon was a King fan, so he asked about the production. And then he asked if I’d ever read Warners’ script for DOCTOR SLEEP.”

This revelation was taken with a lot of surprise and shock, but in the end, it was clear why Jon Berg would take the project of Doctor Sleep to a horror genre veteran like Flanagan. He is known to consistently create amazing horror flicks, and a superhero film would’ve been a new field of work for the horror maestro, which was not something that many look for while thinking about making a sequel to a very established movie.

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What’s Next For Henry Cavill?

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU

After his return to the DCU as Superman, fans have been focused on letting James Gunn know that they want Henry Cavill back in a sequel standalone film of the Man Of Steel series. But despite massive demand, it still remains somewhat unclear whether DC Films would bring him back in a standalone flick. Although it has been stated that the reason why Cavill left The Witcher series was so he could solely focus on big-screen films, it is yet to be seen if he will come back to Man Of Steel 2.

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Doctor Sleep is available to stream on Netflix.

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