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“I was really uncomfortable..I don’t want to do”: Matt Damon Was ready to Quit His $1.6 Billion Franchise After Terrible Changes in Script

"I was really uncomfortable..I don’t want to do": Matt Damon Was ready to Quit His $1.6 Billion Franchise After Terrible Changes in Script

Matt Damon, the actor known for portraying murderous roles in his assassination movies, was once slated to leave his iconic franchise. Talking about the Bourne film franchise, the actor had once revealed that one of the movie’s scripts was changed so badly that he wanted out of the movie.

Talking about the 2002 movie The Bourne Identity, Damon had to personally oversee the changes for the final script. According to the actor, the writer of the film Tony Gilroy steered clear from the source material and another writer came in and messed the whole thing up which finally made the actor lose his mind and almost called it quits.

Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise.
Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise.

Matt Damon Initially Hated The Jason Bourne Movie!

During the beginning days when many people did not know who Jason Bourne was, the novels were adapted into movies starring Matt Damon in the titular role. At the beginning of the production of the movie, writer Tony Gilroy was deviating quite extensively from the original sourcebooks.

Emily Blunt and Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau
Emily Blunt and Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau

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Damon was familiar with these alterations and quite liked Gilroy’s style since he would pick what he liked from the sourcebooks and add his own version and action scenes. This made The Martian actor quite comfortable with the movie that he was starring in. In an interview, Damon complimented Tony Gilroy’s style and how even though Gilroy left the movie during the third act, the production went ahead with Gilroy’s unfinished script.

“He kept the things he wanted in while at the same time going in a totally different direction because he felt that what the books were all about was kind of passé. The writer who got hired to come in though went back to the book and did a page one re-write of Tony’s stuff.”

The actor further continued,

“So when I went to France I got this script that was unrecognizable from Tony’s script and unrecognizable in a way I was really uncomfortable with. It became the exact kind of movie I would pass on, that I don’t want to do and that I avoided doing because there was the perfect number of explosions and everything.”

After the rework, the studio later on went with Tony Gilroy’s version of the scripts which were turned into the 2002 movie the world came to know as The Bourne Identity. On the current side of the world, Matt Damon is all set to star in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming epic Oppenheimer and fans did not enjoy his appearance!


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Matt Damon Left Fans Unimpressed With Oppenheimer

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

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Portraying the character of Leslie Groves in the upcoming movie, fans were left with a bad aftertaste when they saw his character in the trailer. The Ford v Ferrari actor boasted a bulky exterior and a mustache that made him look way older than his years.

Although the look was necessary for the movie since it’s Christopher Nolan we are talking about, fans had a mixed review of Damon’s appearance. Alongside Oppenheimer, the actor has also been attached to 5 other upcoming projects in which he will star in. Oppenheimer is set for a release date of 21st July 2023 in theaters across the world.

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