“I was sad that that was not used”: Major ‘One Piece’ Scene Including Luffy and Captain Alvida Caused Troubles in Netflix’s Live-Action Series Production

Major 'One Piece' Scene Including Luffy and Captain Alvida Caused Troubles in Netflix's Live-Action Series Production
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One Piece has been dominating both anime and manga for over two decades now. After so many years, Oda’s creation and one of the big three of anime finally got a live-action. Fans were exhilarated to see their favorite cast coming to life. The series was an instant hit on Netflix. It got several reviews, and fans got confirmation of the second season as the first one came to an end.

The cast of the live-action series were chosen carefully
One Piece Live Action Cast

In a recent interview, some things were said by the production team that signified their difficulties while shooting a scene that involved Luffy and Captain Alvida. The specific scene was shot again, and it actually ended up presenting audiences with an entirely different perspective.

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What was the major scene involving Luffy and Captain Alvida in One Piece Live Action?

One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix
One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix

The Direct interviewed the Director of Photography (DP) of One Piece Live Action, Nicole Hirsh Whitaker. She opened up about reshooting one of the significant scenes in the Netflix series. Whitaker was responsible for the production of Episodes 1 and 2 of the Live Action. The early battle scene on Alvida’s ship was taken during the day. However, they reshot it at night. She started by saying to The Direct that,

“I’ll be honest, we originally shot out the entire Alvida scene during the day. Then I was not able to go back to shoot the reshoot, which was shot at night. And I do miss some of the things that we did during the daytime scenes.”

She added, “Originally, it was night in the script,” but “for production reasons, it became day” before “they made it night again.”

Fans realize the gravity of the series in the Alvida sequence. This is the first significant fight scene in the live-action and was “the very first thing we shot” Whitaker said and added that it took them “over a week” to wrap up the first time. She told The Direct,


“It was very hard to make it feel fluid because we had shot everything with Luffy and Kobe during the day. So all of a sudden, that was at night. And then we had to transition them into the dinghy during the day. And that was complicated in terms of color timing, but I don’t think anybody would notice, but it was still for me, you know, something that I loved.  That was the very first thing we shot, and it took over a week. So I was sad that that was not used.”

Whitaker shared how it was an extremely complicated scene to shoot due to the full-scale boats in the series. That’s the reason this scene took a considerable amount of time to shoot.

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Why was the scene re-shot in One Piece Live Action?

A still from Netflix One Piece
One Piece Live-Action

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There are always going to be parts and sequences that get deleted or created from a new perspective while producing such a series. While conversing with Nicole Hirsh Whitaker, her concern regarding that particular scene was prominent. It also implied that One Piece Live Action tried to stay true to the actual version of the Alvida battle scene. 

As the director of photography said to The Direct, “It’s good for the story, it’s it’s okay.” It would’ve been interesting to watch the first major battle of the series unfold in broad daylight. However, the way they actually shot the scene was much better as it gave off a greater sense of time passing. Luffy and Koby escape from the battle on Alvida’s ship in the nighttime when everything is dark, and the following sequence starts with the two young boys in broad sunlight, which indicates the start of the next day.

Source: The Direct


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