“I was so dumb”: Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Made the Silliest Blunder While Breaking Rules to Make a Fake ID

Young Paul Rudd made a really dumb mistake while creating a fake ID!

Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Made the Silliest Blunder While Breaking Rules to Make a Fake ID


  • Paul Rudd made a really stupid blunder while making a fake ID.
  • Paul Rudd entered the height as "5'12" instead of "6'0" in the fake ID.
  • Paul Rudd and his friends used their fake IDs to go to Florida for spring break.
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As incredible an actor as he is, Paul Rudd is an even better comedian. For someone who can captivate the entire worldwide audience with his spectacular performances, he can also have the audience bursting with laughter with his exceptional way of storytelling and sharing any embarrassing or hilarious story with his fans.

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

The same happened when Rudd once shared during an appearance on a talk show about how he used to make fake IDs when he was young. And in doing so, he once made the silliest blunder that’s just a bit too silly and even more hilarious: he wrote the height as 5’12.

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Paul Rudd Made The Silliest Mistake While Making A Fake ID

"I put the height at 5'12." ~ Paul Rudd
“I put the height at 5’12.” ~ Paul Rudd

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Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his superhit television show Living With Yourself, Paul Rudd shared how ‘dumb’ he was in high school to make the silliest blunder about height while making a fake ID.

But before that, he was asked a rather peculiar question by Stephen Colbert:


“If you could improve Paul Rudd, what would you change?”

To this, Rudd responded by saying:

“I think I would be 6’2. As opposed to 6’1. [Are you 6’1?] No, I’m 5’10. But it would be nice.”

He then went on to share a story from back when he was ‘probably’ a senior in high school.

“When I was in high school, I made a fake ID, and I was so dumb that I put the height at 5’12. [Laughs] I didn’t do it for myself, I did it for my friend Jeff Rose. I was making his [fake ID], I didn’t know how tall he was.”

Jumping into the details, the Ant-Man star even shared how he created the fake ID in the first place.


“By the way, [I did it] on a typewriter. [Laughs] It looks typed! I even messed it up and put [a] white-out on something. And I typed another thing [on it] so that you can hold it up and you can see the white-out.”

This funny story doesn’t end here, though, for what Paul Rudd and his friends actually used the fake IDs for and their experience afterward is even more hilarious.

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Paul Rudd And His Friends’ ‘Misadventures’ With Their Fake IDs

Paul Rudd couldn't go on any 'real' adventures with his fake ID
Paul Rudd couldn’t go on any ‘real’ adventures with his fake ID

Continuing in the interview, Paul Rudd then shared what he and his friends actually used the fake IDs for.


“We used these fake IDs to go to Florida for spring break.”

But did those white-out marked fake IDs actually work?

“I took a copy of the state seal of Florida, black and white, it was like a Xerox copy. I put it on the back [of the ID], just the state seal. I remember giving it. We were all nervous. We went to some bar and gave it to the bouncer, and he goes like, ‘Come on.’ And then the owner of the place comes out, and he looks at it, he flips it over and he says, ‘What? It’s the state seal. It’s real!'”

Turns out they did work! However, although the fake IDs worked even with the silly blunders, Rudd and his friends couldn’t ever embark on any ‘real’ adventures with them.

“I don’t think we ever used them again after that. It was sad because I think we went to a place where there really wasn’t a spring break. There weren’t, like, other kids. [Laughs] I think we went to someplace ‘inland’. And the bar we went to was, you know, like a senior frog or some lame kind of [bar].”

Perhaps it was the wrong choice of the bar instead of the mistake with the fake ID that stopped Paul Rudd and his friends from going on some ‘real’ adventures! (Laughs)


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