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“I was so much hotter than all your other boyfriends”: Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr Failed to Impress His Wife Susan Downey in Their First Meeting

"I was so much hotter than all your other boyfriends": Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr Failed to Impress His Wife Susan Downey in Their First Meeting

Robert Downey Jr’s aura amidst his fellow peers has always been transcendent and it wouldn’t be fallacious to assume no one in the industry can captivate the same ambiance as that of Mr. Stark. The sassy cool ruggedly handsome bloke shares the wit, charm, and playful yet confident tone which undoubtedly makes him the most spellbinding person amidst the herd.

But it seems like even with his endearing and enticing persona the Iron man actor wasn’t quite able to land a proficient impression on his present wife Susan Downey in their initial meetup.

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Susan Downey and Robert Downy Jr
Robert Downy Jr and Susan Downy

The Iron Man actor fails to land an impression on his wife in the beginning

In an interview with  “Extra’s” Renee Bargh during the promo of Dolittle, she disclosed her inceptive hunch on the quirky actor and it seems that the unique relationship between the two by Hollywood standards wasn’t love at first sight. Their earliest meetup was on the sets of Gothika, starring comprising Halle Berry & Robert Downey Jr in the lead which was her first solo gig as a producer consequently she didn’t intend to pursue any romantic endeavor within the cast and keep the movie as her cornerstone. She then unveiled her initial thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes actor by stating “The main thing I remember about meeting him was thinking how strange he was”.

Susan continued by stating she didn’t even consider Rob as a romantic interest, fathomable considering the actor’s bewildering playfulness. But as it goes, it didn’t take long enough for both to see eye to eye as she recalls after working together for numerous days, Robert Downey Jr eventually asked her out on a date and things caught pace quickly, as, within 2 years of their relationship, the couple ultimately got married in 2005.

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Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey during Dolittle promo
Rob and Susan during Dolittle’s promo

The couple’s successful love/work relation

In the substandard landscape of celebrity marriages over the years the Downey couple seems to be a rarity. It has always been difficult for celebrities of high stature to maintain their relations on and off set but Susan and Rob’s one seems to be an anomaly. Over years Rob has Susan has been on very good terms in their love life and viable in their work life, eventually opening their production Team Downey. Both are an adequate influence on each other. Susan landed Robert Downey Jr, his first big role Sherlock Holmes from which his ascent in the mainstream media flourished, eventually working on numerous entries together over the years.

The 2-decade-long journey and 17-year-long marriage don’t seem to descend at any time soon as the duo continues to handle their love and work life quite proficiently with one of their recent entries being  Sweet tooth produced by the couple,  a perilous adventure in a post-apocalyptic world where a boy who is half human and half deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.

Robert Downey and Susan Downey during their wedding
Robert Downey and Susan Downey during their wedding

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