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“I was turning red”: Hollywood Actress Nearly Fainted After Seeing Brad Pitt Shirtless While He Was Working Out For ‘Fight Club’

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Everyone’s had a crush on their neighbor at some point. You find yourself looking for reasons to leave your house in hopes that you might just run into them. But what if the guy next door happened to be the $300m Hollywood icon, Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Nearly 30 years ago, Brad Pitt was endlessly fascinated by the mansion owned by Cassandra Peterson, best known as Elvia: Mistress of the Dark. She told the Fight Club actor that the mansion was haunted, but instead of being spooked, he was intrigued by the home.

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Cassandra Peterson: The Girl Next Door

Despite being aware of the incidents in the mansion, in 1994 Brad Pitt bought the home from Cassandra Peterson for $1.7 million.

Elvira repeatedly warned the actor about the oddities of the home, but he seemed to be surprisingly excited to live there.

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Cassandra Peterson as Elvira

“We were just kind of warning him that a lot of weird things have been going on there in the house since we moved in. And he was very excited about that. He thought that was really cool.”

After selling the mansion to the Moneyball actor, Peterson became his next-door neighbor for many years to follow. They would often run into each other, and the actress claimed that while Pitt was stunningly handsome, he was also a kind person which was the cherry on the cake.

She recalls the times she would wait around on her balcony, hoping to catch a glimpse of the young actor. One day while she took her dogs out for a quick walk, the actress passed by Pitt’s garage door. He was shirtless and training for Fight Club with a punching bag. Peterson revealed that she turned completely red in the face, and wasn’t able to talk when Pitt tried to exchange pleasantries.

 “He was getting ready to do the movie ‘Fight Club’! He’s in there and I really — I swear I almost fainted. I remember he goes, ‘Hey, how are you?’ and I’m like, ‘Huh.’ I couldn’t talk. I was turning red. I felt like I was fainting. He’s just so stunningly, stunningly handsome — and nice, to top it off. I have to say, Brad was just wonderful. Living next to him was great experience.”

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Brad Pitt Let 105-Year-old Neighbour Stay on His Property Rent Free

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Elvira: Mistress of the Darkness actress explained that after buying her mansion, Pitt went on to acquire the surrounding properties for the mansion’s expansion. One of these belonged to a man in his nineties, whose wife had passed away.

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Actor Brad Pitt attends the French Premiere of Paramount Pictures Babylon

The elderly man, named John later became a tenant on the estate and Pitt allowed him to live there for free until he passed away recently.

The actor lived in the house for nearly 30 years and went on to raise his six children with ex-wife Angelina Jolie in the mansion before the couple split up in 2016. He recently sold the sprawling estate for $40 million.

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