“I wasn’t born in Hawaii”: Dwayne Johnson’s Family Roots and How Did His Family Come to the United States

"I wasn't born in Hawaii": Dwayne Johnson's Family Roots and How Did His Family Come to the United States
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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Dwayne Johnson’s parents are no strangers to the squared circle, which explains the WWE Superstar’s in-ring talent. From being an exceptionally talented footballer during his teenage years to moving in his father’s footsteps and making it big in the pro-wrestling landscape, Johnson’s accomplishments have been second to none.


Coming from a mixed heritage, with his father being a Black Nova Scotian and his mother a Samoan, the actor once clarified he didn’t grow up in Hawaii even though he did most of his growing up there.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Was Mostly on the Move as a Child

After initially being prohibited by her parents from dating Rocky Johnson, things eventually changed after Ata Johnson became pregnant with Dwayne Johnson, who became the glue of the family. The Black Adam Star clarified “I wasn’t born in Hawaii”, but in Hayward, California, but wasn’t there very long, as he and his mom soon moved to Grey Lynn in Auckland, New Zealand.

And after a brief period of living with his mother’s family, Ata Johnson along with her son moved back to Rocky Johnson, as the actor spent a substantial part of his childhood in Hawaii. Eventually, after finishing his schooling at President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, the actor initially aimed for a football career. But after that didn’t work out, the former WWE Champion followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a WWE Icon in the process.

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Dwayne Johnson along with his parents
Dwayne Johnson along with his parents, Ata and Rocky Johnson

Poverty Forced Dwayne Johnson to Steal From a 7-Eleven

Considering Dwayne Johnson was mostly on the move as a child, despite his father being a veteran pro wrestler, lavishness wasn’t on the card for his family. Revisiting bitter memories, The Rock recounted the tough situation, stating “I was broke as hell,” and the actor alongside his family was once evicted from their apartment in Hawaii.

Following this broke lifestyle, a young Johnson resorted to stealing Snickers from a 7-Eleven in Hawaii. However, the Jumanji actor did reach out to that store in order to make amends, buying all the Snicker bars in the store, but not for himself.

I’m gonna leave these here. If somebody looks like they’re stealing Snickers. Give them these, so they don’t steal it.” Johnson said.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Despite not receiving a luxurious childhood, the Black Adam Star remains grateful to his parents, stating that his mother’s care and his late father’s tough love helped him shape into the person he is.

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