‘I…Wasn’t getting Any Offers’: Stranger Things Star Winona Ryder Talks Being Arrested For Shoplifting in 2001 That Resulted in ‘Cruel Tabloid Circus’


Winona Ryder was found guilty of theft, and many of her fans refuse to believe it and thought it to be a misunderstanding. Winona Ryder is one of the most famous actress of Hollywood. Her works are incredible, and all of them have quite raised the expectations of people regarding her, but did you know she was once found guilty of theft. She was found shoplifting in New York, and found guilty later on.

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Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder

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Winona Ryder’s life:

Winona Ryder's young life
Winona Ryder’s young life

When Winona Ryder was young, she dreamed of filming movies one day. Her parents were both writers and editors, and they moved to Northern California when she was seven. They had no television, but her mother would put up a sheet up on the side of a barn to show her old movies. Winona said she felt like she was in heaven. When her family moved to Petaluma, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area, she would try to see the city through the camera lens. She said she would force herself to see the world through black and white color. She also said that she had her own fantasy life, because she liked this Theater, and she imagined living there with bed and bathtubs. Like a house inside the Theatre. Her keen interest has made her acquire amazing knowledge about movies and books.

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What do we know about her shoplifting story?

Winona Ryder Cast Talk Stranger Things 4 Twists

We have all done things in our life that we were not supposed to do. We are guilty of so many things we have done in our life. When we are young, most of the times we don’t understand the difference between good and bad things. Back in 2001, Winona was found shoplifting at, Saks Fifth Avenue store on Wilshire Boulevard. She stole merchandise worth $5,560. It included things like a cashmere Marc Jacobs sweater worth $760, few number of Frederic Fekkai hair adornments worth about $600 and  pairs of socks, which included a cashmere pair from Donna Karan worth $80. She was then found guilty of theft and she had to served 480 hours of community service.


Many of her fans and supporters refused to believe it, because it was hard to picture or imagine the successful actress to be found guilty of theft. Later on, in 2013, Winona finally decided to break off the controversy and spoke about it.

In an interview, she said that she was standing on an edge, and that incident helped her from recovering to where she is standing now. She is thankful for that particular incident to take place.


She said that she had a lot of questions for herself and she did not have any answers to them. She said she is grateful for that incident because it answered her questions like, if she should quit acting, or if she can do something else other than acting.

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Winona Ryder has kept her personal life private all her life

Ryder's private life
Ryder’s private life

Winona Ryder has kept her life personal and away from the spotlight. She has been struggling a lot, since the very beginning. She said her breakup with Johnny Deep, made her life darker than ever. She said she remembered playing this character who would end up getting tortured, in The House of the Spirits, and she could not help but see herself in that young character. She also said she would look at the fake bruises and cuts and wonder if that is exactly what she was doing to herself, mentally. She said that one of her co-stars, Michelle Pfeiffer, supported her when she was struggling, reminding her that everything would eventually pass away and that she could get past these, but she could not hear all those and make herself okay.

During the shooting of Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers said that Winona would sit and talk to the young actors about what fame is, and how to control things like anxiety and stress. She really helped the kids to understand their profession better.


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Written by Kathakali Sarkar