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‘I wasn’t in my best shape’: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Star Tenoch Huerta Addresses Body-shaming Criticism, Calls the Namor Speedo His ‘Shame Shorts’

Tenoch Huerta Namor

Whenever you think superheroes, the image that comes to mind is of men and women who look absolutely angelic, with physiques that can never be matched until and unless you become a superhero yourself. Even in the films, we see actors training day and night to get into peak physical shape to play these comic book characters as accurately as humanly possible. Many of these stars aren’t shy of their character’s comic-accurate suits, even proudly wearing them as a sign of honor.

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A still from The Avengers

While these things are true, there are some comic book characters from Marvel and DC that wear get-ups that are a little… revealing to say the least.

In a recent interview, an actor in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was ashamed of wearing his character’s comic-accurate suits that he had literally given it an embarrassing name.

Black Panther Star Is Ashamed Of His Suit

Tenoch Huerta, the actor who is all set to play Namor, the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Talocan, was recently interviewed by Men’s Health, revealed that when he first saw his comic-accurate suit in person, the only thing that came into his mind was “The Speedo! F*ck.”  He said so because when you look at Namor in the comic books, you would find him wearing nothing but a pair of green shorts.

Black Panther II: Namor
Namor is all set to appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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While most of the superheroes are jacked and/or possess toned muscles in the comics, film stars who portray these characters work through blood and sweat to achieve the shape that the project demands. while most of these superstars may not be shy of losing their shirts in the films to show off those gains, in Huerta’s case, he admitted that while he tried it on for the first time, he wasn’t in his peak shape.

“I enjoy Mexican food so bad, so I wasn’t in my best shape,” said Huerta. Being a descendant from the country of Mexico, he always loves to eat Mexican food whenever he can, and thus, when he saw how revealing the get-up was. he consciously named them the “Shame Shorts,” constantly reminding him about his out-of-shape physique at the moment he was finalized for the role. He took it upon himself to train hard to get into better conditioning to truly embrace the role of Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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What To Expect From Namor In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Namor the Sub-Mariner in Wakanda Forever
Namor, the Sub-Mariner in Wakanda Forever

Namor is the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Talocan and will be seen taking on the forces of Wakanda in the upcoming Black Panther film. Though his reasons for doing so are still unknown, we can expect a good build-up and reveal of his goals. Costume designer Ruth E. Carter also weighed in on her approach to designing the attire for Namor and the rest of the denizens of Talocan.

“We’re imagining a community that’s anchored to its own Indigenous past. We were inspired by all of the pageantry that you see in Mesoamerican history. There are these vases that they painted to depict figures in headdresses and all kinds of clothing that I used to inspire the clothing of the Talocan.”

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in cinemas on 11th November 2022.

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