“I wasn’t starving to be a superhero”: Miles Teller Would Have Said No to Playing Spider-Man in Tom Holland’s $3.9 Billion MCU Franchise

"I wasn’t starving to be a superhero": Miles Teller Would Have Said No to Playing Spider-Man in Tom Holland's $3.9 Billion MCU Franchise

Miles Teller may not be as prominently known as a superhero, but that does not mean he hasn’t explored those waters. After doing Top Gun: Maverick his fame has skyrocketed beyond expectations. He has worked hard in the industry for quite a long time now and has been a part of various iconic movies. From Divergent to Whiplash, the range is wonderful on its own.

Miles Teller
Miles Teller

Now that the Fantastic Four family is once again getting a reboot, it is to be noted that before John Krasinski, it was Teller who wore the mantel of Mister Fantastic. Not only was he heavily proud of the hero, but he was also ready to choose him over any other superhero he was offered.

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Miles Teller Was Ready To Pick Mister Fantastic Over Spider-Man

Miles Teller played the iconic role of Reed Richards, also known as Mister Fantastic in 2015’s Fantastic Four. Much like the role of Spider-Man, this has also been a role passed down to many actors. However, unlike the Spider-Man movies, the Fantastic Four movies have been getting an underwhelming response.

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Miles Teller wants to return to Marvel
Fantastic Four (2015)

“I wasn’t starving to be a superhero. Although at the time – it was a couple of years ago – if you’re a young man in this business, a part of you is saying, ‘I need to get a Marvel project; I need to be a superhero,’ because you see all these actors you respect being put in that world.”

The actor talked about how he might have been the only one auditioning for the role and it did not matter much because he wanted it just as badly. He explained how even if he was given the opportunity to pick another superhero to play, he would rather not. Even if it was Peter Parker, he would rather opt to play Reed Richards.

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Miles Teller Would Pick Team Effort Over Going Solo

Miles Teller further went on to explain that it was not just the fact that he enjoyed the role of Mister Fantastic and was interested in it, but also that he would rather have a team. A hero like Spider-Man carries the entire world’s burden on his shoulders. His responsibilities leave little room for himself and that is not something that attracts the actor.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU.
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU.

“I would not have wanted to be Spider-Man because I wouldn’t want the whole thing riding on my shoulders. I enjoyed the ensemble element of Fantastic Four.”

Although Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy has conquered theatres magnificently earning a massive total of $3.9 Billion, according to The Numbers, Teller still chose to go with Mister Fantastic. He also talked about how working with other people and understanding how they work is much better for him than having the spotlight purely on the actor.

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