“I went smashing through the garbage cans”: Tom Cruise’s First Ever Bicycle Stunt Was a Complete Failure, Landed Him in Hospital For Days

Tom Cruise's First Ever Bicycle Stunt Was a Complete Failure, Landed Him in Hospital For Days
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Tom Cruise has been the talk of Tinseltown ever since his inception. Not just for his good looks but also because of the insane life-threatening stunts that he likes to perform all by himself. Thus, acquiring the title of an action star, the actor recalled how he unleashed the bike scene in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tom Cruise discussed the high-stakes motorbike stunt that he performed in the movie. Speaking in retrospect about the childhood shenanigans that convinced him to perform his own stunts in his movies, Cruise confessed his first-ever bike stunt failure. 

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Tom Cruise Recalled His Childhood Bike Stunt Failure

During the double duty of promoting Top Gun: Maverick and soft-launching the publicity tour for Mission: Impossible 7, Tom Cruise appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Sitting to have a fun chat with the host, the actor spoke about the high-stakes motorbike stunt from Mission Impossible 7, which became the center of attraction in the movie. 

Tom Cruise
Cruise appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While speaking about the scene, Tom Cruise reflected upon his childhood shenanigans that convinced him to perform stunts for a living. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor shared, “I just use everything I can, use every tool that I have, to entertain the audience”. Further recalling his childhood days, Cruise shared his first-ever failed bike stunt.

Tom Cruise
Cruise recalled his childhood bike stunt

Even as a kid, I’d used to steal lumber from the junkyard, and I’d ride down the hill as fast as I could and hit the ramp and go over garbage cans.” Tom Cruise recalled. He further added, “It didn’t work… I went through it, split the wood in half and went through the garbage cans, and spent the next few days in the hospital.”


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Tom Cruise Discussed His Motorbike Stunt From MI7 

While his childhood stunts landed him in the hospital, the actor proved his penchant for life-threatening stunts since childhood. Challenging death and narrowly escaping its shackles, Tom Cruise mentioned how his childhood shenanigans and failed stunts convinced him that this is what he wants to do for a living.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise discussed his Mission Impossible 7 bike stunt

Further, providing his commentary over the footage from the trailer featurette, Cruise discussed the challenges of his motorbike stunt from MI7. Stating how they shot the scene “eight times”, the actor stunned his audiences with the high-stakes motorbike stunt that was purposefully teased in the trailer. 

Tom Cruise
Cruise maintains his daredevil reputation

The actor mentioned the stunt involved him riding a motorbike off a cliff, free-falling to the ground, and opening his parachute within seconds. Revealing how it took “six seconds to open the parachute” before hitting the ground, Cruise simply agitated the audience with the nerve-wracking behind-the-scenes situation from the film. Eventually, the actor discussed the success of the scene that kept his daredevil reputation intact. 

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