“I will never forget it”: Hugh Jackman Avoided Making Eye Contact With Clint Eastwood After Their Embarassing Interaction

Hugh Jackman a.k.a. Wolverine was left red-faced after an embarrassing interaction with the legendary Clint Eastwood.

"I will never forget it": Hugh Jackman Avoided Making Eye Contact With Clint Eastwood After Their Embarassing Interaction


  • One thing that fans have noticed is the fact that Hugh Jackman's uncanny resemblance to Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood.
  • Jackman had a hilarious and awkward interaction with Eastwood at an event and he narrated the same
  • Unfortunately, for Jackman, that wasn't the end as it led to the X-Men actor seemingly being blackballed by Clint Eastwood.
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Hugh Jackman is widely known for his depiction of Marvel Comics’ iconic character, Wolverine, under the banner of 20th Century Fox. Jackman made his first appearance as the popular character in the 2000 movie X-Men.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

It was an instant success, and over the years, Jackman made repeated appearances as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. One thing that fans have noticed is the fact that Hugh Jackman’s uncanny resemblance to Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood.

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Hugh Jackman Was Left Red-Faced Following An Awkward Interaction With Clint Eastwood

As we mentioned earlier, many have compared Hugh Jackman’s looks to Clint Eastwood in several movies. It’s one thing knowing about it and completely other discussing it with Eastwood. Jackman made the latter mistake during a 2009 conversation with The Sun (via IMDb).

I was at a Warner Bros. event and all the stars were lining up backstage. Sylvester Stallone was in front of me and Clint [Eastwood] was behind me and we were all embarrassingly close. I turned around before the line went off and said: ‘Good day Mr Eastwood, Hugh Jackman.’

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood
Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood

Following Jackman’s introduction, Eastwood acknowledged knowing him but later unknowingly participated in an embarrassing situation.

Clint replied: ‘Yeah I know.’ I continued: ‘By the way, I know we’ve gotta go but I’ve been told I occasionally look like you in films.’ Clint replied: ‘You’re holding up the line kid. I’ll never forget it. I went on stage bright red and never looked at him again.

One would wonder if that’s the end of the story. Unfortunately, for Jackman, that wasn’t the end as it led to the X-Men actor essentially being blackballed by Clint Eastwood.


Clint has never asked me to be in any of his movies or have an audition.

Hugh Jackman has been part of several great movies throughout his acting career, but never landed a role in a Clint Eastwood film.

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Hugh Jackman is Returning as Wolverine

The 55-year-old actor increased his fan-following a lot following his portrayal of Wolverine. But most believed that Hugh Jackman hung his claws (yes, pun

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3

intended) for good after the 2017 movie Logan.

However, Jackman will once again return as the character in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3. In the movie, Jackman will don the iconic yellow and blue suit of the comic book character.



While the plot of the movie has been a well-kept secret, most believe Wolverine and Deadpool will kill off Fox’s take on the Marvel Universe ahead of the Multiverse Saga in the MCU.

Either way, fans are just happy to see Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine on-screen. Millions of fans around the globe will be on the edge of their seats to watch his return, but Clint Eastwood may not be one of them.

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