“I will never recover”: Even After a Week, Fans Cannot Get Over Attack on Titan’s Gut-Wrenching Conclusion

Fans express their grievances regarding the conclusion of Attack on Titan, which released its final episode a week ago.

“I will never recover”: Even After a Week, Fans Cannot Get Over Attack on Titan’s Gut-Wrenching Conclusion


  • The Attack on Titan anime ended after 10 years and left fans in turmoil.
  • The final episode aired on November 4, 2023, and has been out for a week.
  • Fans are sad and have already started missing their favorite series.

Attack on Titan has already been one of the biggest anime of all time and has achieved widespread success around the world. The fanbase of the series is huge and consists of millions of fans and viewers. Fans are still in shock after the series’ heartbreaking conclusion, even though the final episode was released a week ago.

The final shot of Attack On Titan
The final shot of Attack On Titan

With the series finally over, it has left its imprint on its viewers forever as one of the masterpieces in fiction. While some are happy with the end, a majority of the fandom is still weeping from the conclusion of their beloved series, which they expressed on Twitter.

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Fans express their sadness regarding the conclusion of Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan was an extraordinary series and one of the best to ever be made. Despite having fewer than 100 episodes and 139 chapters in total, the series was packed with action, betrayal, sadness, and some funny moments here and there.

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The anime ended almost 10 years later, and during its journey, it got itself a fandom, which grew watching it, and the series has now become an integral part of their lives.

This has caused fans extreme grief, which they have openly expressed on Twitter.


The ending of the series was, to say the least, one of the most sad endings the show could have gotten. Also adding to the fact that we will never be able to see Eren, Mikasa, and Armin together again.

The ending has left everyone who was attached to the series in a deep state of sadness. Everybody wanted a happy ending, but the story from the get-go was destined to not get one.

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The end of Attack on Titan and its meaning

Many people are happy about the end, while others are very sad about it. One of the major topics of discussion is the ending, which some fans and viewers find very wrong.

The series showed in the end that no matter what, the hate cycle will continue and that Eren’s method of saving Paradise ended up being a waste, as a few centuries later it was destroyed.

Towards the end, we see Mikasa and the other survey corps member visiting the grave of Eren, and later on, Mikasa visits the grave with a man who is not shown.

mikasa ackerman at the end of attack on titan
Mikasa Ackerman At The End Of Attack on Titan

Some believe it to be Armin, while others believe it to be her husband, who visited Eren with her. The answer is left to the audience to decide.


In the final bits of the episode, we see that Paradise has transcended technologically, and many centuries later, it gets destroyed by the world.

The message that the series tried to convey is that hatred can never be ended by violence, and it is an everlasting cycle that will keep on happening irrespective of the choices made.

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