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“I wish Arnold was here so I could kick his a**”: Under Siege Star Steven Seagal Wanted To Beat the Sh*t Out of Arnold Schwarzenegger After He Humiliated Seagal in SNL Skit

"I wish Arnold was here so I could kick his a**": Under Siege Star Steven Seagal Wanted To Beat the Sh*t Out of Arnold Schwarzenegger After He Humiliated Seagal in SNL Skit

People in the late 1980s wanted action films featuring Steven Seagal as a sort-of mystical, stone-faced martial arts master with a ponytail who kicked, punched, and shot drug traffickers and other international criminals. With blockbuster smashes like Hard to Kill, Above the Law, and Under Siege, the fabled guy dominated the film office for years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a politician, actor, and legendary bodybuilder. He is renowned for having an outstanding physique and for being among the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Nonetheless, many ponder whether he ever took a day off amid his rigorous training schedule.

Steven Seagal could not make fun of himself on Saturday Night Live

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Steven Seagal

Saturday Night Live has seen some hilarious hosts, but similarly, it has also experienced an array of hosts that did not work out. Majorly because these hosts were unfunny and too rigid to mend their ways. One of them is Steven Seagal. He was one of the worst hosts in Saturday Night Live history as he made working with him impossible and did not have a funny bone in his body.

Most people agree that the worst hosting act in SNL history occurred during the Steven Seagal episode from 1991. It came out that conditions were equally as awful behind the scenes. David Spade claimed that Seagal took himself and the subject very seriously when he was being filmed.

“You have to sort of trust these 30 people you don’t know. A lot of people think we’re there to make fun of them. But if we’re getting you on the show to host, we all want it to work. And if you make fun of yourself — this is where it gets tricky — it will benefit you. And we promise you. And if you don’t, and if you fight it too much — that was [Seagal].”

Spade explained how the anchor would not poke fun at himself fearing a stain on his image. Seagal took himself too seriously and this made humor an uncommon guest in that SNL episode. This was undesirable by everyone who was working day and night to make things better from behind the scenes. Seagal would reject almost all skits including the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Steven Seagal wanted to kick Arnold Schwarzenegger’s a*s

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Steven Seagal joins the Russian party.

Seagal was suggested a skit that looked to be quite funny. Hans and Franz, two Austrian bodybuilders, were to be portrayed by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. While presenting their hero, Arnold, one of the lines would read: “Arnold would flick you with his little baby finger, and you would fly across the room and land in baby poop.”

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Steven Seagal was not pleased with this. Bob Odenkirk, who appeared as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and later got his own spin-off show Better Call Saul, was a writer in SNL during that time. He recalls,

“One of the most famous, nightmare, can’t re-show that show ever [episodes]. Seagal read [Hans and Franz] and said, ‘If I do this sketch, if I do it—and they want to fight him—if I do it, I have to beat them up.’ It’s like a John Wayne thing. It’s the most ludicrous scenario … no one is thinking anyone beat anyone up here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since Seagal was visibly pissed, Dana Carvey approached him and enquired about his feelings to which Steven Seagal replied, “I wish Arnold was here so I could kick his ass.” Seagal was obviously insecure about his image, and to top that someone as strong and heroic as Arnold Schwarzenegger being mentioned obviously did not sit right with him.

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Saturday Night Live airs every Saturday on NBC.

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